#115: How to Eat for Your Autoimmunity and Why the Autoimmune Protocol Is Key with Angie Alt

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What we’re talking about in this episode!

  • Designing the diet that is best for you as an individual 
  • Tools to help you live a full life while managing your autoimmune symptoms
  • A look into the research and success stories behind AIP in many health issues
  • How to calm your body during a flare
  • How to best manage your autoimmune disease with stability and emotional congruence

Episode Summary

Angie Alt spent more than a decade being dismissed by doctors and was days away from checking herself into a psychiatric facility. Only then did she find out she was battling not one, not two, but three autoimmune diseases. Since that time, Angie has created her the program SAD to AIP in SIX to help others manage and reverse their autoimmune symptoms through diet and lifestyle.

Autoimmune diseases are the third most common disease in the US! Unfortunately they leave many of us feeling confused and without hope. Today Angie is here to share her message of perseverance and provide you with simple ways to transition your diet and lifestyle to an autoimmune protocol. 

As a science-based diet and lifestyle protocol, AIP focuses on repairing gut health, balancing hormones and regulating the immune system. AIP is all about creating a diet that works best for your body through elimination, reintroduction and lifestyle tools. While this process may seem intimidating at first, Angie is the perfect guide to help lead you through this confusing time and take the steps to start reversing your disease. 

Are you ready to embrace the scientifically proven autoimmune protocol and find the management solution to your symptoms? Share your AIP results with us in the comments below!


“Within 3 days of adopting AIP, I never needed to take anti-anxiety medications again. It was like the intense mental and emotional strain I had been under just seemed to start melting away.” (17:50)

“I think people hear about the Autoimmune Protocol, they hear about AIP and they hear about the elimination phase and they think ‘oh my gosh that’s really hard.’ But then they forget that the whole point is to get to the point where you start to work on reintroduction.” (31:01)

“It’s really misleading to say ‘cure’ when you are talking about something that your body can’t really unlearn how to do. Instead what I like to say about the Autoimmune Protocol is that it is a tool that can help you manage your autoimmune disease well.” (36:04)

“This is meant to focus on those with autoimmune diseases and helping them better manage their diseases, but it’s really just a great way to have good health no matter what.” (52:01)

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