#117: What It Means to Practice Your Own Self-Care and Authenticity with Elena Brower

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What we’re talking about in this episode!

  • How to optimize your productivity while still having a restful daily life
  • How to prioritize yourself and say no to the difficult things with ease
  • Specific foods you should to eat at home and on the road
  • Why you should stop playing it small and diminishing your own light
  • Which oils can help you optimize your hormones, sleep and endocrine system

Episode Summary

It is never selfish to put yourself first, yet so many of our society’s beliefs make us feel guilty or unworthy of being at the top of our own list. After realizing this, Elena Brower decided enough was enough and started her journey to self-actualization and the importance of serving others. 

A yogi and entrepreneur extraordinaire, author, mother and doTerra Double Diamond, Elena is here to dismiss common myths about self-care and highlight the importance of how you talk to yourself. Her mission is to help you tap into what your mind, body, and heart need to be both fulfilled and happy.

Elena is a force of nature who brings realness, authenticity, and love to everything she does. If you want to adopt a mindset of self-care as a necessity and are looking for some inspiration to better yourself, Elena is the guru that you need to hear from. 

Getting older is a privilege, and with Elena’s guidance, you can embody her ability to age gracefully and stop playing it small. It’s time to practice being yourself so that you can deserve the respect you should be commanding. 

Do you use self-care as a treat or a necessity? Share what ways you prioritize you in the comments below.


“All of the people for whom I’m working, how can I work for them really intelligently and really efficiently so that I am not overworking so that I am not busy?” (14:53)

“It is so important for me to continue to practice being exactly who I am so that I can share my message as far and as wide as I can because I know it is working.” (21:58)

“I needed a place to write and I couldn’t find the right journal. Nothing was having the right pitch or the right tone, it was all too playful, too sexual, too practical, it just wasn’t for me. So I created the journal that I wanted to write in.” (37:35)

“I think one of the most important things I have learned as of late, very recently, is to stop downplaying what I am doing well and focus instead on how I am going to serve with that skill or talent.” (46:06)

Resources Mentioned

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Practice You: The Journal by Elena Brower

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Art of Attention by Elena Brower and Erica Jago

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