#13: 10 Daily Rituals For Optimal Hormone Balance

Essentially You Podcast 013: 10 Daily Rituals For Optimal Hormone Balance


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What We’re Talking About In This Episode!

  • I announce the winner of my Essential Oil Giveaway is announced!
  • How chronic stress can lead to diseases and weight gain
  • Why you should take 30 minutes a day to prioritize yourself
  • The benefits of matcha and how it could substitute your coffee addiction

Episode Summary: 

Today we are talking about two of my favorite subjects, hormone balance and daily rituals. Our hormones play a huge factor in our health, and they affect everything from our mood to our weight. However, because our hormones can be thrown off so easily, it is incredibly common for women of any age to experience hormone imbalance. So today, we’re focusing on daily habits that can have a positive impact on your hormones, and therefore your life!

Although we might not even realize it, over 80% of us are affected by hormone imbalance. I want to share ten of my favorite daily habits including essential oils and morning routines, plus many others. We will be focusing on powerful non-toxic solutions that help us be proactive in learning how our bodies function.

I run through my favorite breathing technique ‘The Power of the Pause’, which is an incredibly powerful tool to help you de-stress and get you back to focus. Plus, I also share the one thing you can be drinking to improve cognitive function and minimize your risk of premature aging!

An individualized and natural approach to your own health will help enable you to rebalance your body and find a happy medium with self-care rituals. Because only you can put your health first, and once you do that’s when the magic really starts. Whether you are 15 or 50, this episode is for you!

I’d love to hear some of your daily rituals that help you lead a more focused, balanced and healthy life. Let me know in the comments please!


“I really wish I knew then what I know today. And that is that self-care is critical for a happier and healthier me, and a happier and healthier you.” (4:20)

“Each day we get to choose the day we are going to have. And morning rituals allow that to come into reality. This is the time when you get to choose your intention and flow for the day.” (7:31)

“Keep asking yourself those questions. Is this serving me right now? Is this bringing me joy? And then you can start to reset what’s going on with breathing practices, aromatherapy, whatever really helps to reset you and get you back into that calm state.” (25:27)

“It is important that you have these on the go solutions that are easy to plug into so that it doesn’t feel overwhelming or feel like you really have to step out of your comfort zone to do something to help get your body back on track.” (26:23)

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