#14: How To Live Life By Your Own Rules with Alexandra Jamieson



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What We’re Talking About In This Episode!

  • Alexandra’s wellness journey and her relationship with food and identity.
  • The importance of having hard conversations in a non-emotional way to get into alignment with others
  • Being successful at failing and continuing to experiment and try
  • Positive psychology and the difference between a “Fixed Mindset” and a “Growth Mindset”


Episode Summary: 

Do you have a hard time living your life by your own rules? Whether it’s around food, our bodies, or our mindset, true authenticity can be really difficult. Today we’re talking with renowned wellness expert Alexandra Jamieson about listening to our bodies, living authentically with others, and giving ourselves permission to fail.

Alexandra Jamieson is the best-selling author of Women, Food, and Desire, as well as co-creator of the Oscar-winning documentary, Supersize Me and host of the podcast “Her Rules Radio”. She educates thousands with thought-provoking content and coaching on wellness, cravings, sexuality, and so much more.

We talk about her health journey and re-discovery of healthy, wellness-centered eating, the challenges of being authentic and vulnerable with others in a culture of judgment, and learning from how others do things differently. We also get into the power of successful failures and continuing to experiment and try. Lastly, we talk about how hard women are on themselves about their bodies and positive psychology.

Are you strengthening your “inner knowing muscle”? Do you tend to be hard on yourself and ignore the progress you’ve made? Do you give yourself permission to fail? Tell us about it in the comments!



“It’s very very hard to change how you eat in this culture when you are so identified by what you eat” 14:07

“It’s very easy to get self-righteous or point the finger and say “I’m right, you’re wrong” but that doesn’t create connection and it doesn’t allow for growth” 23:02

“My life has been a series of successful failures” 27:33


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