#130: Dial Down the Mental Chatter and Resolve Your Personal Energy Crisis with Rajshree Patel

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What we’re talking about in this episode!

  • Understanding how your vital force and optimism are directly linked
  • Free and simple practices you can do to clear and focus your mind
  • Why it’s so important to make a conscious effort to improve your mental hygiene
  • Learning to balance acceptance and resistance when you are thriving in life
  • How the brain, central nervous system, and gut microbiome are connected

Episode Summary

Rajshree Patel was a federal prosecutor who happened upon the ancient wisdom of India by total accident. What happened after this discovery changed her life forever. Today she will share some of the wisdom she has gained that has helped hundreds of thousands of people increase their energy, happiness, and efficiency. 

Do you need more energy? Do you dread the day ahead from the moment you wake up? Or do you need some restful sleep? If any of these resonate with you, Rajshree’s new book, The Power of Vital Force, is the manual you need to provide a new perspective. By identifying what is working and what is not working in your personal and professional life, you can implement tiny habits with huge results.

Optimism is something that anyone can achieve through simple techniques that are already right at your fingertips. When you are able to fully embrace yourself and wake up every day with the “morning miracle,” you can manage your day differently. You can become more efficient and lean into life instead of resisting it. 

The life-long lessons of shifting your mindset, proper breathing techniques, and mental hygiene can help you increase your energy and live in a healthy flow state. Rajshree’s wisdom will help you leap into action and take what the universe knows you deserve.

Are you ready to embrace the power of vital force and create a framework to help you live the life you desire? Share how breathwork and optimism play a role in your daily life in the comments below.


“Because of that hand of the Universe or ‘mistake,’ I ended up suddenly being exposed to the inner world of mind and emotion and human potentiality so that we could live our best self.” (10:56)

“Our body, our mind and our emotions, just like our spirit also, run on what we call vital force. This innate source of energy and intelligence that we are born with.” (14:46)

“Physiologically, breathing is the number one way to bring in vital force.” (24:42)

“If you do these 5 pauses, I am sure you will discover an enormous shift in your outlook, your perception, your mindset, and your energy. It just makes you more optimistic and positive.” (25:50)

“Everything is energy, everything requires energy, and the more life we want the more energy we need.” (35:36)

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Rajshree Patel Website

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