#129: Mastering Your Mean Girl with Melissa Ambrosini

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What we’re talking about in this episode!

  • Steps you can take to get to the place of honoring and nourishing yourself
  • How to manifest success for yourself by increasing your vibration frequency 
  • The life-changing power of meditation and adopting an attitude of gratitude
  • Why you should start your day by reading, reviewing and manifesting your goals
  • Tools to clear out your inner mean girl and build up the life that you want to create

Episode Summary

Close your eyes and imagine what could be possible if you were able to turn off your inner critic, believe that you are good enough, and manifest the life that you want for yourself. This is exactly what Melissa Ambrosini did after multiple health challenges left her feeling lost, confused and without hope. Now a best selling author, speaker, entrepreneur and spiritual teacher, Melissa is a self-help guru who is here to share the many relatable parallels of her story to let you know that you are not alone. 

Melissa is proof that if you are able to get healthy and happy again, you can live a life beyond your wildest dreams. Melissa was able to embrace a new way of life by cleaning up her nutrition and thoughts and clearing out the toxicity in every area of her life. Today Melissa is here to provide tangible examples of daily inspired actions that you can do to manifest your goals, clear out your inner mean girl and build up the life that you want to create.

If you want to become a magnet for the goodness in life, you need to walk towards the things that make you feel strong and give up the things, people and places that make you feel unworthy. By finding your non-negotiables, tuning out your inner mean girl and getting clear on what you want, you can create the life you have always wanted for yourself. 

What were the top key takeaways that resonated with you in this episode? Share with us in the comments below.


“I didn’t know what that voice was at the time, no idea. I now know it was my intuition because I didn’t know what intuition was back then. But I now know it was that voice that said that, and I just decided to follow that voice.” (10:55)

“The thoughts that you think are even more powerful than what you put into your body.” (11:48)

“I feel like the definition of insanity, as well, is knowing something that doesn’t make you feel good and still walking toward it. It’s like why would you do that? That’s like banging your head against a brick wall.” (25:45)

“There is something that you can do every day that is going to get you one inch closer towards your dreams and your goals.” (33:26)

“We just don’t know, we have no idea what is around the corner. So you may as well have a really good time here in Earth school, and you may as well go after those dreams and master that inner mean girl and just do it! It’s so much fun.” (39:05)

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