#141: Finding Purpose and Optimizing Your Brain and Body with Dr. Meghan Walker

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What we’re talking about in this episode

  • Explore the deep connection between finding your purpose and optimizing your health
  • Tips for creating foundational habits centered around your health and wellbeing
  • Resources to help you get started on finding your unique purpose 
  • The major difference between purpose and passion 
  • The role of nature, play, and recovery when optimizing your health and happiness

Episode Summary

What if I told you that finding your life purpose can play a big role in your healing journey? Dr. Meghan Walker is an award-winning speaker and naturopathic doctor who realized the connection between optimized health and living your best life. Now Meghan specializes in helping entrepreneurs and game-changers find true healing through their passion. 

By highlighting the connection between your health and your purpose, Meghan helps her clients get healthier through finding what makes them tick. If you need a starting point to discover your purpose or are looking for ways to optimize your own health, this is the episode for you.

Often we say that we don’t have the time or the energy to live our life’s purpose. While kids, family, work, and life can seem like daunting tasks, it is important to identify the characteristics of your own unique innate abilities to stay healthy and give your life meaning. 

Getting better and optimizing your health are directly linked to your capacity to contribute something amazing to the world, so why are you cutting yourself short? It is time to give yourself the necessary space to find your purpose and actualize it in your own life so that you can start living the life you dream of with the health you deserve. 

How does Dr. Meghan’s priority of purpose make you feel about your own healing journey? Share your thoughts on the comments below!


“Those who really had a sense of purpose in their life, something that they really galvanized around and something that fueled them, they came back less frequently, they got better faster and they required less direction from me.” (9:19)

“Just like the recovery is where you gain strength when you are training for something, I believe it is the same thing for entrepreneurs. You gain perspective and innovation and creativity when you are able to step back.” (14:54)

“I really believe your kids are an opportunity for your purpose to shine, but there is a difference between your kids being your purpose and simply being a conduit and an opportunity for it to exist in another iteration.” (18:45)

“Nature, play and recovery are three areas that I think are fundamental to people in terms of being able to maximize their potential in terms of what their health can be.” (24:21)

“Creating time really means creating energy.” (30:27)

Resources Mentioned

Get Started on Finding Your Purpose Masterclass

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