#153: The Root-Cause Factors of Thyroid Dysfunction + Natural Remedies with Dr. Melissa Esguerra

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What we’re talking about in this episode

  • Thyroid role and functioning 
  • How to figure out what is right for your unique thyroid and symptoms to watch out for
  • Which labs you should be asking for and what to do if your doctor will not listen
  • Exploring the therapeutic benefits of essential oils with thyroid wellness miracles
  • Specific essentials oils for you to show some love to your thyroid and your gut

Episode Summary

Root cause medicine is something that I have become particularly passionate about this past year, and it has opened my eyes to the role of our thyroid when determining everything from our hormones to our ability to handle stress and liver health. 

Dr. Melissa Esguerra is a passionate wellness practitioner and public speaker with over a decade of experience with thyroid dysfunction. Dr. Melissa loves to find natural solutions for hormone and autoimmune challenges faced by women today, and she teaches others how to reconnect to their intuition and mother earth’s medicine. 

Thyroid dysfunction is something that many people are dealing with, some unknowingly, but many do not know where to get started when trying to fix and treat their thyroid issues. Dr. Melissa is here today to provide a general explanation as to what is going on with your thyroid and present actionable and sustainable choices that you can start making today to help your thyroid. 

Thyroid imbalance symptoms can often be masked, which is why it is important to equip yourself with safe, natural and effective remedies so that you can get to the root cause of your hormone imbalance and repair your thyroid. Everything from essential oils to lab tests is on the table today as Dr. Melissa Esguerra provides you with everything you need to know to start working on your thyroid health yourself. 

Do you struggle with thyroid dysfunctioning or imbalance? Share where you are on your health journey in the comments below!


“That is my mission in functional medicine, is making it really achievable and really accessible for people.” (9:01)

“Your body is so closely connected, all of the body systems are constantly talking to one another. You just have to figure out which factor is most relevant for you.” (11:39)

“What do we do about it? What are the natural things that we can bring into our day to day lifestyle rituals that are really going to support our body in coming back to balance in terms of that factor.” (21:12)

“Oils just make so much sense when they are trying to navigate the world of natural medicine because they are just so easy on the body.” (26:12)

“All hormone imbalances are really a downstream issue to other things happening upstream. Your hormones are the victim in the body.” (31:57)

Resources Mentioned

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