#152: Mitochondrial Dysfunction Is a Root Cause to Fatigue, Weight Gain and Brain Fog with Dr. Michael Chang

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What we’re talking about in this episode

  • Learn what mitochondria are and what happens when they dysfunction 
  • How consistently eating and sitting could be negatively impacting your mitochondria
  • Ways to diagnose mitochondrial dysfunction and what to do about it
  • How to support your mitochondria with tried and tested protocols 
  • Natural recommendations to help you put your mitochondria back in the driver’s seat

Episode Summary

Did you know that chronic fatigue is not caused by your adrenal glands? The problem actually starts in your limbic brain and can usually be attributed to mitochondrial dysfunction. Your mitochondria run the show when it comes to energy in every single cell in your body, so it’s crucial that you understand how to best take care of them.

Mitochondrial dysfunction can be the root cause of fatigue, weight gain, brain fog and more. A board-certified pathologist, laboratory medicine certified medical practitioner, author and mitochondria specialist, Dr. Michael Chang has gone through his own journey with mitochondrial dysfunction and is passionate about sharing his knowledge. 

Gut health and mitochondrial function are often found as the underlying cause of most chronic conditions, as well as being signs of advanced aging. Today Dr. Chang is here to explain this common condition that may account for many of your symptoms and teach you how to get a handle on your toxin level through simple lifestyle changes. 

Your mitochondria are designed to work for you. When you are able to break down your health on the cellular level, you can learn what is possible when it comes to your natural energy.

Are you willing to treat your mitochondria right in order to live a long and healthy life? Share which of Dr. Chang’s recommendations you are looking forward to trying first in the comments below!


“When there is a danger to the body, from external or internal forces, such as infections, inflammations, chemicals, toxins, etc., they shut off the energy production in the mitochondria and that is when we get into trouble.” (14:35)

“It’s kind of like the exhaust in your car: as you are burning fuel you produce exhaust in the form of free radicals. So we have to be really careful, especially using glucose or sugars. These are not a clean fuel compared to burning ketones, which produces a lot less of these free radicals. So it is kind of like a cleaner-burning fuel using ketones.” (17:42)

“The degeneration or the dysfunction of the mitochondria underly all chronic diseases including Alzheimers and cancers, and also the whole aging process.” (18:36)

“You gotta basically produce enough energy and then use it up in the form of activity. If you don’t, then the free radicals will build up and that is really going to damage the mitochondria further.” (27:50)

“I feel that functional medicine is particularly useful as an approach to this problem because it looks for the root cause.” (31:01)

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  1. Nancy December 20, 2019 at 12:13 pm #

    Enjoyed the podcast. Taking my mini trampoline outside to jump. ????

    • Admin WWW Dr. Mariza December 23, 2019 at 8:50 am #

      Hi Nancy! Thanks for letting me that know you enjoyed it! Take it easy on that trampoline! 🙂

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