#178: Are You Addicted to Stress? How to Banish Stress with 3 Strategies

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What we’re talking about in this episode

  • How to know if you are experiencing Rushing Women’s Syndrome right now
  • Gauge where your stress levels are through my quick stress level assessment 
  • Learn why the frequent activation of your stress response system can make you sick
  • What you can do stop the addictive stress response loop before it becomes your normal
  • Self-care rituals you can use to anchor yourself into physical and emotional wellbeing

Episode Summary

Today is a very special day as we celebrate the 2 -year anniversary of the Essentially You Podcast. I am so grateful for this platform to bring you what you want from top experts in the field, and I can’t wait to see where the next year brings us. Today we are living in a very different world than we were last year, or even last month, which is why I want to provide you with ways that you can reduce your levels of stress, boost your immune system and stay focused on keeping yourself and your family healthy. 

In this unprecedented time, many of us are justifiably scared or worried. However, we need to focus on instant wins to avoid falling into the addictive stress response patterns and instead find solutions that provide relief, reduce stress, stop sleeplessness and sugar cravings, and decrease your brain fog. 

When you are able to take a deep dive into understanding how stress impacts your immune, reproductive and digestive systems, you can find solutions to help get you out of that constant state of chronic stress. I share safety signals that you can use throughout the day to stop yourself from being instantly triggered, and a morning and evening ritual I call ‘Power of the Pause.’ I will show you how to actively reduce your stress response system today.

I am here to support you throughout these uncertain times and my goal is to provide you with ways to fight the stressors that plague your body. Let’s improve your immune system and balance your mood so that you can move your body from a stress state to a state of relaxation. 

Are you ready to combat your worries by implementing my simple protocols to protect your immune system and avoid chronic stress? Share how you are keeping your cool during this crazy time with us in the comments below!


“I thought leveraging stress made me a superwoman, but I was really the poster woman for Rushing Women’s Syndrome.” (5:32)

“Your core mode of operations is survival. So when we have got circumstances that we are dealing with right now that feel like a big threat, it’s no wonder we are feeling so overwhelmed and stressed.” (10:04)

“I want us to be thriving during this period, not struggling during this period.” (15:31)

“These little safety signals that you are sending to the brain are going to be so profound for helping to support you and support the people in your life.” (20:22)

“The goal isn’t to overwhelm you with more to do, but rather to support you during a time when we need to protect our energy and emotional wellbeing.” (30:19)

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