#18: How To Thrive with PCOS with Amy Medling


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What We’re Talking About In This Episode!

  • The importance of filling your cup first
  • Learn the common PCOS symptoms you might not know you have
  • Changing your negative thinking into open embracement
  • How to think like a diva!


Episode Summary: 

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, or PCOS, is a common hormonal problem and one of the leading causes of fertility issues among women. It’s such a common problem that I’ve received 50+ emails from all of you begging me to touch on this incredibly important topic, so get ready ladies, because today is the day.

Over 5 million American women are affected by PCOS, including today’s guest and my best friend, Amy Medling. Shockingly, 50%-75% of women who have PCOS are undiagnosed, and those who receive diagnoses often are not able to explore all of their natural health options because they just don’t know where to start. In this episode, Amy shares with us exactly how to thrive while living with PCOS!

After being diagnosed with PCOS, Amy felt that she was not given proper information or access to decisions about how to pilot her own health. Since then, she has focused on spreading the word on how to naturally heal your body and get it back on track when living with PCOS. Amy helps thousands of women take control of their lives and learn how to thrive again with her PCOS Diva Protocol website and Healing PCOS book.

Amy shares all the ways you can take back control of your body by switching to an abundance mindset and making sure you fill your own cup first. Moving your body, shifting your habits and most importantly, having an open mind can change the game when it comes to how you relate to your own body. By practicing in self-care rituals that Amy outlines in her ‘Diva Protocol’ we explore all the ways in which you can thrive while living with PCOS.  

You don’t have to live with your symptoms, and you can and should be living your best life! Stop putting yourself last and shift your negative mindset into one that embraces, all while using the power of natural healing remedies to tackle your PCOS. Take back ownership of your body and learn how to live your life without PCOS holding you back. Because caring for yourself is not selfish, and it really can change your life.

If you’re dealing with PCOS I’d love to hear what you do to live a thriving life, or what resonated most with you from this episode. Leave a comment below!



“In order to be my best and give my best to my family, I realized I did have to fill my cup first and be a bit of a diva.” (8:22)

“Women need to understand that they are not a victim, PCOS is not your fate, but there is also no magic pill. But you can thrive with PCOS when you embrace the power of knowledge, diet and lifestyle.” (9:41)

“Nobody is really trying to get to the root cause of your issues, often times it’s up to us to put the pieces together and really advocate for ourselves.” (18:38)

“I want you to learn how to stop fighting with your body, and instead work with it in partnership to recognize its signals and respond in a loving and nurturing way.” (21:48)

“It’s all these small little choices that you make, from this abundant joyful mindset, that really sets you up to be the best version of you.” (25:14)


Resources Mentioned: 

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Healing PCOS Book


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