#182: How to Overcome Fear to Finally Create Success in Your Health, Career and Relationships with Jack Canfield

What we’re talking about in this episode

  • Powerful tools to help you attract what you desire through your thoughts
  • Learn how you are keeping yourself trapped in the false positives of your limiting beliefs 
  • How to seamlessly implement The Success Principles into your daily life 
  • The importance of being in gratitude, service, and joy during COVID-19
  • Ways you can start acting ‘as if’ in order to achieve your wildest dreams
  • Why you should be asking for feedback to turn your perceived failure into success

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Episode Summary

Jack Canfield is the author of The Success Principles, a book that truly changed my life over a decade ago. The co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul Series, a 42-time New York Times bestseller, and record holder in the Guinness Book of World Records for having 7 books on the NYT bestseller list at the same time, Jack knows what he is talking about. Known as America’s #1 success coach, Jack has helped hundreds of thousands of people over his 40-year career identify what makes successful people different. 

Even during this time of crazy uncertainty, you can focus on going inward and working on yourself. Instead of spending your time binge-watching Netflix, implement Jack’s principles to help yourself take responsibility for your life, happiness, financial state, state of abundance and quality of your relationships. 

By implementing the habits of successful people, you can step into the ‘as if’ mentality, start taking 100% responsibility and use affirmations to start manifesting the things that you truly want out of life. Jack is here to provide you with the ‘secret sauce’ of success principles so that you can start to live your life by design. 

During this time of sheltering, it is important to look for the good and focus on ways that you can be creating the success that you want. Even in difficult situations, there is always a little bit of good going on, so why not start with creating that good within yourself? By tapping into what you want to feel, you can start embracing how life can happen for you, not to you. 

What did you love most about Jack’s practical tips and knowledge to help you integrate The Success Principles into your everyday life? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!


“The thoughts I think, the images I hold in my head, the things I say and do and don’t do, those are the things that are creating my reality. Everything I am currently experiencing is a result of the choices I have made in the past, and everything I am going to experience in the future is a result of the choices I am making now.” (13:19)

“There are so many subconscious fears that we have based on these beliefs, and you have to literally face them and then release them and then reprogram them.” (24:24)

“You have survived everything that ever happened to you. You are a survivor, that is your history, and we are still here.” (27:39)

“What I did when I wrote The Success Principles Book and now the Success Principles Workbook, was to interview 75 of the most successful people in North America. And what are the thoughts that they think, what are the books that they read, what do they do, do they exercise, etc.? And what are their disciples of success, and really that’s what the Success Principles book is, are the way these people operate their life.” (39:56)

“Feedback is a gift, and so be willing to ask for it, and to correct. It is the thing that is going to get us where we want to go.” (50:40)

“Literally coming out of this sheltering in place from the pandemic, you could be surfing the top of the way and literally have transformed your life in this 10 week period.” (54:42)

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