#183: Tips to Instantly Circuit-Break Stress and Overwhelm with Dr. Heidi Hanna

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What we’re talking about in this episode

  • Discover the different stages of living in a chronic ‘stressaholic’ state
  • How to recognize if you are abusing your stress response system before its too late
  • Learn how your body can change on a physiological level due to perceived stress
  • Tips for proactively training your nervous system to circuit-break your stress cycle
  • How to use stress to your advantage and reframe this crazy global situation 

Episode Summary

Stress can be highly addictive, and it can take years, even decades to break free of your trauma loop and constant overwhelm. When I discovered that I was stuck in two major limiting beliefs that were keeping me in a state of chronic stress, my body forced me to give my stress response system a break. Today Dr. Heidi Hanna wants to help you gain control over your stress before you to reach your breaking point. 

By constantly triggering your stress response system you could be deepening your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or social relationship with stress. Dr. Heidi Hanna is my go-to stress expert and is here today to show you how you can instantly circuit-break your stress and overwhelm. An NYT bestselling author, world-recognized experienced speaker and Chief Energy Officer of Synergy Brain Fitness, Dr. Hanna goes below the surface to retrain your brain, body and nervous system to support you in making less stress-filled decisions. 

Signs of stress can show up in many different dimensions, and it is up to us to shift and realign the way we are showing up for ourselves and others. By learning to identify our triggers, setting healthy boundaries and soaking in the ‘perfect moments,’ you too can accomplish stress mastery. 

Dr. Hanna provides you with tools to help you navigate this crazy time in our lives, learn how to embody the emotion of gratitude, and understand how stress is affecting you on a deeper level. Stress will always be there, but with Dr. Hanna’s 3 step framework you can break the circuit of stress and be who you want to be. Share your thoughts in the comments below!


“We need to stop hacking and start healing or else we are just putting bandaids on top of the whole thing.” (18:23)

“When people think about ‘how do I want to treat other people, how do I want to feel throughout the day, who am I at my core?’, if that’s not how you are showing up the majority of times, then its probably stress-related.” (24:51)

“Anything you are going to the doctor for most likely has a stress component. It doesn’t mean that stress caused it, but stress will agitate or activate anything that is already bad in the system.” (26:59)

“Appreciate that your life experiences have adjusted your nervous system to potentially be more sensitive, and be kind and compassionate to yourself.” (37:02)

“We are not supposed to be happy all the time, by the way, that is shocking to people. We are supposed to feel sad and tired and even irritable and angry, all of those things are good feelings to have, they support specific functions in our life.” (42:50)

“Now more than ever, be responsible for the energy you bring to the time that you have, and you will get way more done effectively and efficiently without burning yourself out or breaking your system down.” (51:06)

Resources Mentioned

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4 Responses to #183: Tips to Instantly Circuit-Break Stress and Overwhelm with Dr. Heidi Hanna

  1. Linda Ning April 17, 2020 at 12:08 pm #

    This is my first time listening to your Podcast.
    Thank you for all you and other do to educate listeners on how to overcome our world of stress.

    • Dr. Mariza April 21, 2020 at 9:17 am #

      Hi Linda! Thank you for the kind words! <3 You can check out more podcast episodes here >> VIEW ALL PODCASTS

  2. Susie Pettit April 24, 2020 at 10:51 am #

    Delivering another really helpful episode- thank you!!!
    I especially like the BFF tool

    • Dr. Mariza April 28, 2020 at 11:41 am #

      Hi Susie! So happy you’re here! You can also GO TO THIS PAGE for more podcast episodes! 🙂

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