#194: Three Simple Ways to End Emotional Eating with Tricia Nelson

In This Episode: How to End Emotional Eating

  • How to create boundaries around food when you are stuck at home
  • Learn how to use the control and consequence test when having a treat
  • Discover the difference between emotional hunger and physical hunger 
  • Tips to check in with yourself and identify your emotions around snacking
  • The importance of creating a ritual and schedule for your eating
  • Why people-pleasing leads to overeating and what you can do about it

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Episode Summary

Have you been struggling to avoid eating the whole house during quarantine? This is a crazy time filled with lots of stress for so many of us, which can result in emotional eating. Tricia Nelson is my go-to expert when it comes to emotional and addictive eating. She’s here today to help you recognize your food triggers so that you can create boundaries when it comes to being stuck at home with your refrigerator.

Everybody emotionally eats, but by finding out where you are on the spectrum, you can determine if your eating is an issue for your specific body. With over 30 years of experience researching the hidden causes behind emotional and addictive eating, Tricia knows firsthand the importance of identifying and healing the root issues causing emotional eating. 

When we have strong emotions, as we do right now, they can turn themselves into a feeling of hunger to mask your feelings and seek out comfort. Instead of using food to escape your reality, kill your pain, or punish yourself, Tricia’s tips and tricks can help you start to understand what is really going on in your body and emotions so that you can nourish yourself in a way that fits you. 

With Tricia’s simple strategies for you to shift how you operate in the world, you can overcome your overeating, or simply start living a more balanced life. And during this global pandemic, who doesn’t want a bit more balance in their life? If you find yourself constantly reaching for that snack, eating too much and feeling bad about it, or have someone in your household who is not setting you up for success, this is the episode for you. Let us know which of Tricia’s strategies resonated most with you in the comments below!


“There are so many things that have gone on, and I think the most normal thing for people to do is look for comfort, and comfort eating is what I think everybody does to some degree.” (7:57)

“Let’s just call it what it is, everybody emotionally eats. It’s an easy thing to do, and I think God made us have an emotional connection with food so we would subsist as a species, so that’s the bottom line. And it’s just a matter of it being a spectrum.” (11:56)

“I thought there was no problem here, I just like food. But it wasn’t until my consciousness was raised as to what might be going on underneath the surface that I started to realize it’s not that simple, there is something emotional going on.” (18:02)

“That’s the [Three Meal Magic], three meals with nothing in between because the snacking is really the downfall for everybody because it is endless. You don’t know what you ate, you don’t know how much you ate, and there is no beginning and end.” (25:08)

“You need support if you are really going to change your ways, nobody can do this alone, nobody can overcome emotional eating alone if its a chronic problem.” (30:43)

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