#195: How Do You Get More Energy, Like Yesterday?

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In This Episode: How to Get More Energy

If you’re running through your life feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, and exhausted, your cortisol levels are probably out of whack. This is the biggest hormone imbalance I see in women, and it’s the root of so many other problems down the road. 

Wouldn’t it be great to get through a day without feeling wired and tired and having your energy plummet mid-day or late afternoon? It is possible! Tune in today to find out if you have a cortisol issue and how you can catch a break from chronic stress with simple, natural strategies!

  • What is cortisol, and what happens when it’s out of balance
  • How chronic stress makes you tired and puts you at risk for even more problems
  • My simple protocol to help you manage your stress more effectively
  • Self-care rituals with essential oils to help you sleep and give your energy a boost
  • The best supplements to balance your hormones and give you more energy naturally

Mentioned in This Episode:

Hormone Blends Cheat Sheet

Adrenal Love Daily Adrenal Support 

Active B Complete

Magnesium Restore

Discounted Detox Support Bundle (Active B Complete & Magnesium Restore)

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