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#460: Five of the Worst Types of Food for Metabolic Health and Belly Fat

Eating a diverse, whole food diet really is the key to the kingdom in terms of maintaining a healthy metabolism and keeping stubborn belly fat out of your life! Certain foods, however, can wreak havoc on your metabolic health and throw ALL of your hard work out the window virtually overnight…causing system-wide inflammation that becomes harder and harder to overcome as we age.

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3 Reasons It’s Critical to Have Metabolic Flexibility

Hitting that afternoon slump? Craving caffeine and sugar? Learn whether or not your metabolism is using fuel efficiently. Metabolic Flexibility can make or break your health, especially as you age. 3 Reasons why Metabolic Flexibility is important. 4 ways to get and keep Metabolic Flexibility. Spoiler: The Standard American Diet needs a rehaul.

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