#200: How to Deal with Fibroids Naturally, and When to Opt for Surgery with Christine Garvin

Supporting Your Hormone Health from the Inside Out

  • What are fibroids?
  • Symptoms and causes of fibroids
  • The role of stress, trauma and gut health for hormone levels
  • Why you should be tracking your menstrual cycle as a vital sign of your health
  • Dealing with fibroids naturally and when to opt for surgical remedies 

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Episode Summary

After receiving the diagnosis of uterine fibroids almost two years ago, Christine Garvin went through a surgery that almost killed her. After three more corrective surgeries, an ostomy bag, and a lifetime’s worth of PTSD, Christine realized that her story was similar to many other women. Today Christine is determined to share this story so that she can help other women get to the root cause of their fibroids and find a solution that works for them.

A functional health coach in North Carolina, Christine is here to provide you with natural remedies that you can use to reduce your fibroids, insight into when surgery might be the answer, and help you understand what is going on with your hormones. By connecting the dots between estrogen dominance, fibroids, gut health, and more, you can see how interconnected everything is within your body, and start working to fix your overall hormonal health. 

So often women are not listened to by the medical field, doctors are not held accountable, and factors such as gut health and stress are overlooked when making big health decisions. Christine wants to empower you so that you can understand what is going on with your body and find less invasive ways to reduce your fibroids, heal your gut, and balance your hormones. 

Are you part of the 80% of women who have experienced uterine fibroids by the age of 50? Share your fibroid story and what you did to heal with us in the comments below!


“I realized how often women end up with ostomy bags because of gynecological surgeries, so it is a big thing, and it’s not talked about enough at all, it’s not talked about as a possibility when you go in for these ‘simple’ surgeries.” (13:08)

“We were talking about the stories that come in of women not being listened too, particularly post-surgery, when it’s so so important to be listened too. Because of what happened to me, what happens so often, and I think getting these stories out there in a big way so that people can understand how much this happens and, I hate to say this, but for the most part the doctors are not held accountable.” (17:44)

“If I had known that before this, I know that I could have made a huge difference in the growth or diminishment of my fibroids.” (25:35)

“You can never look past the microbiome, that is the epicenter of all of this stuff. It’s the epicenter of our gut health, it’s the epicenter of our hormones in a lot of ways, it’s the epicenter of our mental happiness and emotional wellbeing.” (37:13)

“If you have fibroids or ovarian cysts, any of these kinds of growths, I think that they are a real signal to us to start to be really honest, be kind, but be honest with ourselves about where we are in our lives, what we want to be doing with our lives.” (43:42)

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