#187: What Is Causing My Heavy Bleeding and Migraines, and Can Bio-Identical Hormones Help Me?

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In This Episode: PMS and Bioidentical Hormones

If you are experiencing heavy bleeding, migraines, PMS that makes you want to kill someone, mood swings, trouble sleeping, tender breasts, decreased sex drive, sluggish thinking, bloating, or weight struggles, you are in the right place.

Know this: you are not alone, and there are natural, simple steps you can take to get yourself back again. On today’s episode, I’m breaking down what causes these symptoms and the proven strategies I’ve found to help you get relief!

  • The #1 root cause of hormone struggles in your 30’s and beyond
  • Understanding the role of 2 major hormone players in your body for your period and more
  • Are bioidentical hormones necessary, or is there a better way?
  • Simple, proven steps you can take to reverse your symptoms through lifestyle changes
  • The ultimate healing experience to jumpstart radical transformation in your body (that you can do from your own home)

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