#219: How to Identify Low Thyroid Function and What Labs to Immediately Request

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In This Episode: Thyroid Labs

I was devastated by my Hashimoto’s diagnosis. I was embarrassed that I, of all people, missed the signs and let it go on undiagnosed and untreated for SO long. But I am not alone in my struggle to diagnose thyroid problems. Millions of women deal with low thyroid function, and so many go around misdiagnosed or totally undiagnosed for years like I did.

Most doctors only scratch the surface when it comes to labs that test thyroid function, which is why so many diagnoses are missed. Tune in today to hear what signs to watch out for that indicate a thyroid problem plus the exact lab panel to request to get a full picture of what’s going on in your body! 

  • Why I missed my Hashimoto’s diagnosis for so long, and how I figured out the problem
  • The biggest forms and symptoms of thyroid dysfunction, including Hashimoto’s, Grave’s disease, hypothyroidism, and hyperthyroidism
  • The major root causes of autoimmunity and thyroid dysfunction and how to address them naturally
  • The exact lab panel to request to ensure you’re getting a full picture of what’s going on with your thyroid
  • Supplement, nutrition, and lifestyle recommendations to heal your thyroid naturally

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Dr. Mariza’s Lab Testing Guide

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