#220: Master Your Menstrual Cycle and Optimize Your Fertility with Lisa Hedrickson-Jack

The three most important ways to master your cycle and optimize your fertility are:

  • Understand the side effects of birth control and the fact that the pill is most likely only covering up your issues, not fixing them
  • Start tracking your menstrual cycle to understand any underlying issues or red flags you should be aware of
  • Provide your body with everything it needs to increase progesterone production, improve your ovulation and protect your overall health

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Episode Summary

Time and time again, I see the crazy side effects of the birth control pill, irregular menstrual cycles, and out of whack hormones in women. Many women are never told about the integral role that their menstrual cycles play not only in their fertility but in their overall health and happiness as well. Lisa Hendrickson-Jack is here today to dismiss these myths and teach you how to chart your menstrual cycle and use an evidence-based approach to fertility awareness and menstrual cycle optimization.

Master Your Cycle and Optimize Your Fertility with Lisa Hendrickson-Jack

A certified fertility awareness educator and holistic reproductive health practitioner, Lisa is passionate about helping women understand their menstrual cycle for greater overall health. Since beginning to track her period at the age of 18, Lisa has discovered the amazing power charting your cycle can have as a natural birth control, fertility monitor, and as a sign of your overall health. Lisa’s book, The Fifth Vital Sign, dives into all of this important information, and she is here today to empower you to start understanding what is going on in your own body.

Your Menstrual Cycle Is About Way More Than Having Babies

Your menstrual cycle is a key indicator of what is going on in your body. Today Lisa is breaking down what is considered a normal menstrual cycle and period, common symptoms or issues you should be looking out for, and giving us a real talk when it comes to hormonal contraceptives so that you can start to understand how your body works. Everything from overcoming period pain, to the long-standing implications of birth control and when you should start to take your fertility seriously, are on the table today as we dive into the mighty power that is your menstrual cycle.

Why You Need to Value Your Cycle as an Indicator for Overall Health

Understanding how your body works is critical to your longevity, happiness, and fertility. If you are feeling alone in trying to figure out your menstrual cycle, or your doctor keeps giving you the run around when it comes to birth control, and you know that there is something out there better for you, this episode is your first step into self-discovery and mastering your menstrual cycle.

Are you ready to stop letting your doctor control your hormones by taking matters into your own hands? How do you think that charting your cycle, understanding the harmful effects of birth control, and taking care of your hormones will impact not only your fertility but your overall health? Share your menstrual cycle breakthroughs with me in the comments below!


“I just thought it was about birth control. So it totally blew my mind that someone could look at my chart and identify a health issue. And that subsequently when I got that under control and addressed that, that my cycle actually improved and is now within the normal range.” (9:52)

“So many women believe that pain is just a part of menstruation and it is just something that we have to grin and bear. And although it is very common and a lot of women experience varying degrees of pain with their cycle, it is helpful that someone says out loud that outside of menstruation, we don’t consider pain to be normal.” (14:47)

“Looking at the cycle as a diagnostic tool, you always want to remember what’s normal and what is not. And various health issues, even things you might not necessarily think of, if you are seeing a consistent pattern of cycle disruptions that are falling outside of the normal, that is a sign that we should be looking deeper into what is happening.” (24:16)

“Yeah, I get it. We make estrogen and progesterone in our ovaries, and I get that we think that everything is just in our uterus. But we actually have a circulatory system. We have receptors for these hormones in our brain, in our breasts, in our bones. It’s not just the reproductive organs ladies, its everywhere!” (36:00)

“This is not about alarming women or trying to scare them, but I feel that we need this information. So if you know that you were put on the pill for an issue, then you need to know that that issue is very likely still there.” (45:05)

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