#22 Prevent and Reverse Autoimmune Disease with Diet with Amy Myers


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What We’re Talking About In This Episode!

  • The 5 underlying causes of autoimmune diseases
  • Top tips for supporting your gut and the immune system while enjoying delicious recipes
  • How to stick to your dietary regime while traveling
  • Amy’s 4 pillars to help reverse your autoimmunity
  • The role stress plays in your healing process

Episode Summary: 

Autoimmune diseases are the 3rd most common disease in the US, affecting more than 23 million Americans. There has been a stark increase in the rise of autoimmune disorders such as celiac, asthma, type 1 diabetes and more. Luckily, there are many practitioners who are devoting their lives to helping you heal and reverse your autoimmunity. This is why I am so excited to have Dr. Amy Myers here today to discuss how to prevent and reverse autoimmunity through your diet.

Dr. Amy is a renowned leader in functional medicine and a 2 time NYT Bestselling author. She has written 3 books which have helped hundreds of thousands of people treat and reverse their autoimmunity. We are going to dive into our own personal experiences with autoimmunity and discuss the proven dietary protocol Dr. Amy has developed for over a decade.

Plus, learn how to make affordable, accessible and delicious gluten and dairy free recipes, tips and tricks on how to get your whole family on board, and the amazing results of Dr. Amy’s autoimmunity recovery plan.

Have you or a family member ever dealt with autoimmune issues? How have you learned to cope with or resolve them? Let us know in the comments on the episode page!


“I really realized as I was seeing these amazing results with my patients that I couldn’t keep the word to myself. I needed to spread the message and say, ‘conventional medicine failed me and it is my mission to not have it fail you too.’” (9:58)

“I don’t say that I can cure autoimmunity, but I say that I can reverse it, or you can reverse it. And that means getting symptom free, getting medication free and often getting your antibodies to go down or go away.” (14:25)

“Either you can be on super toxic medications that have a potentially whole other list of side effects and maybe aren’t even giving you your life back, or you can make some diet and lifestyle changes, not be on any medications, and have your life back. For most people, the choice is pretty simple.” (17:33)

“Most people don’t even notice the difference because the food is so delicious. The food in the cookbook is amazing and people don’t realize that they aren’t eating gluten or dairy.” (30:30)

Resources Mentioned: 

The AutoImmune Cookbook

The AutoImmune Solution

The Thyroid Connection


Dr. Amy’s Website

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