#224: How to Finally Let Go of Emotional Eating and Self-Sabotage with Natasha Allen

In order to stop emotional eating and self-sabotage, you must:

  1. Take the time to check in with yourself, truly sense hunger cues from your body, and slow down when eating 
  2. Provide yourself with options other than eating to break your unconscious habit
  3. Look to what is actually causing emotions in your life such as stress and anxiety and heal those from the ground up

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Episode Summary

Have you been using food as a way to distract or numb your unpleasant emotions or unmet needs? Our world feels like a scary movie, and it is creating a lot of emotions around eating. If you are struggling with food right now, you are not alone, and traveling fitness professional and coach Natasha Allen is here today to help you embrace mindful eating and stop self-sabotaging.

Ending Emotional Eating Once and for All with Natasha Allen

Natasha wants to provide you with nonjudgemental recommendations so that you can break the cycle of emotional eating and start winning at life. After 20 years in the corporate world, Natasha broke free of her limiting beliefs and gained her confidence by failing forward. Passionate about helping women sit down and deal with their emotions, and ultimately repair their relationship with food and their body, Natasha is the expert you need to hear from if you are looking to tap into your inner dialogue and heal the disconnect between your mind and your body.

How to Stop Giving in to Your Cravings

Instead of giving in to your cravings or subconsciously eating way more than you need, Natasha has some simple steps that you can take to start analyzing the role food is playing in your life. It is time to stop reaching for that bag of chips and start truly understanding what is going on at the root of your emotions so that you can start serving your body with things that it actually needs.

Why Mindful Eating Is So Important

Our busy, overwhelmed society has us shoveling our food in a few minutes flat, grazing all day, or forgetting to eat entirely until we binge eat everything. This is not the way our bodies are meant to function optimally. By taking the time to sit and deal with your emotions, you can discover what your inner needs truly are and start to meet them without food. Emotional and binge eating can often be used to distract or numb from things we don’t want to deal with, and it is only by kindly questioning yourself that you can start to unveil your hidden patterns. 

Have you noticed that your relationship with food has changed as the state of our world also changes? Share which emotional or binge eating problems you are struggling with in the comments below!


“Now I absolutely love what I do… but it took 20 years in corporate finance and hating every job I ever had. And going into fitness, but still never really feeling like it was my own. And so now I love everything about what I do.” (9:26)

“The day that I made the decision to just break it off and honor what I knew I had inside of me, everything changed.” (14:53)

“It takes a lot of conscious effort, but put your brain on pause. And then find out, ‘Am I really hungry, or is there an emotion I am going through? Am I abandoning myself and prioritizing someone else’s needs, or am I putting myself ahead?’” (22:58)

“It’s actually just taking a step back to just enjoy the moment and the space that you are in when you are eating.” (32:08)

“We forget to take those steps back, and just enjoy our meal, chew our meal, take a break, drink some water. It’s just slowing everything down and just honoring the moment you are in.” (33:42)

Key Takeaways

  • Tips for gaining confidence while failing forward and accepting life’s inevitable ups and downs (11:44)
  • How to get past self-sabotage when it comes to your relationship with food (16:20)
  • Questions to ask yourself to check in with your body and navigate your food triggers during Covid-19 (18:09)
  • Other options to consider to shift your state of stress and anxiety instead of emotional or binge eating (25:51)
  • The importance of embracing mindful eating and slowing down when experiencing your food (28:58)

Resources Mentioned

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