#228: Overcome Burnout and Improve Your Mental and Emotional Resilience with Juliet Obodo

To Improve Mental and Emotional Resilience You Should: 

  1. Take the space you need to reevaluate your life and actually figure out what your priorities are
  2. You have the ability to interrupt and break free from the patterns you’re used to following
  3. Daily meditation and journaling is a great way to start reprograming your brain, especially when used in combination with hypnotherapy

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Episode Summary

To overcome burnout, you need to focus on building your mental and emotional resilience. I’m joined by Juliet Obodo, a Master Hypnotherapist, to talk about interrupting thought patterns and loving yourself to better health.

About Juliet Obodo

Juliet C. Obodo is a certified Master Hypnotherapist & NLP Master Practitioner. She wants to create a stronger and more lasting impact for her clients. 

To become successful startup founders and business owners, it takes more than a 7-Step Framework. You need to make the shift subconsciously to make it EASY & EFFECTIVE.

Juliet developed Mental Remapping™ and Neural Activations to enhance your shifts during & after your Hypnotherapy/NLP/T.I.M.E. sessions.

Stress Is the World Leader of Chronic Health Problems

We have the space to stop, pause, and reevaluate our lives. Of course, it’s not necessarily the way any of us envisioned getting the space for this clarity, but the pandemic has brought a sense of international calm. 

As a society that’s faced with so much burnout, exhaustion, and hustle mentality, getting this space has truly been lifesaving for many. Stress is by far the biggest chronic health condition impacting humanity, and I really do hope that we start making changes.

We women are the worst offenders for pushing ourselves too far and too hard. We’re naturally high performers, whether by nature or nurture, but this is detrimental to our health. And on top of this, we’re facing imposter syndrome almost chronically.

Is it any wonder we’re the most stressed-out population?

How to Build Your Emotional Resilience

Juliet breaks down how she uses hypnosis to give you the tools you need to start breaking free of these repetitive and destructive cycles. She teaches you what emotional resilience is and how you can start building your own, bit by bit, every day.

By stopping that mental struggle, you’ll finally feel some relief and give yourself space to build new pathways. You’ll see reality for what it is and potentially could be.

Juliet also talks about the importance of loving yourself. Truly, madly, deeply loving yourself. We all know there’s too much hatred in this world; when you love yourself deeply, you really do stop caring as much what other people are doing.

Finally, Juliet explains what a regular hypnotherapy practice looks like. From the actual hypnotherapy sessions to what you should do at home to bolster your resilience, she sets you up with the info you need to succeed.

What is something you love about yourself? Actually, tell me three things you love about yourself! Let me know in the comments below!


“So I keep telling people to heal your way to success. It’s not that you get successful then you have time to heal, healing can be in the process and actually accelerate your success.” [22:02]

“When you stop that mental struggle, that is when you’re able to get some relief and are able to build new pathways and see reality for what it is.” [29:49]

“A lot of times, we try to escape our thoughts and escape ourselves. You need to go back to yourself, return to yourself, and have your own back. You’ll never feel alone because you have you.” [40:20]

“It would shift the world energetically if everyone just returned to themselves and started to appreciate themselves for who they were. When you appreciate yourself for who you are, then you don’t feel threatened by others being different from you.” [41:42]

Key Takeaways

  • How the pandemic has forced us all to stop and pause, giving us space to review our lives [11:00]
  • Why we’re feeling so much burnout as a society [12:40]
  • Some of the reasons why women might be high performers [14:10]
  • Why so many women feel imposter syndrome and how this connects to long-term health conditions [17:15]
  • What the basis of emotional resilience is [32:00]
  • How often you need to get hypnotherapy performed so you start to feel better and build new pathways [34:15]
  • What the daily work to help heal your brain looks like [36:30]
  • What power there is in truly feeling in love with yourself [41:00]

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