#242: How to Eat and Supplement During Pregnancy to Optimize the Health of Mama and Baby with Dr. Cleopatra Kamperveen

If You Want to Set Your Body and Your Baby Up for Success You Should:

  1. Prime your body by eating whole foods that create a nourishing environment for your baby’s brain development
  2. Educate yourself about the right supplements to take during your primemester, pregnancy, and postpartum
  3. Create the best possible epigenetic foundation for your baby by embracing the Primemester Protocol and the Fertility Food Pyramid
  4. Let go of your worry and support your super baby by listening to what your body needs

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Episode Summary

Priming your body to get ready for a baby can take a lot of energy and can often be met with some confusion. It is important to prime your epigenetics by nourishing yourself with the right foods and supplements so that you can create your super baby, which means the happiest, healthiest, brightest, and most well-adjusted baby that you can give your epigenome.

How to Shift Your Epigenetics for the Baby of Your Dreams

Dr. Cleopatra is the Fertility Strategist and Executive Director of the Fertility & Pregnancy Institute. She has helped me, along with thousands of other women, learn about the primemester, the magical and powerful window of opportunity before your pregnancy. In addition, Dr. Cleopatra works to reverse reproductive aging, help women get pregnant quickly and easily, reduce miscarriage risk, and finally have the super baby they have been dreaming of for as long as they can remember.

Setting Yourself and Your Baby Up for Success

What you eat and the supplements you take are crucial to creating the best and most nourishing environment for your baby’s health. This is critical stuff to know, as your epigenetics are being transmitted from one generation to the next, and are also constantly changing. This means that you can alter your epigenetic foundation to create an opportunity to have your super baby and support your body before, during, and after pregnancy. Through the Primemester Protocol and the Fertile Food Pyramid, you can gain the knowledge that you need to take your health and your baby’s health into your own hands.

Practical Tips for Creating Your Superbaby

Dr. Cleopatra breaks down the top five supplements you should take during the primemester, pregnancy, and postpartum phases, which foods you should be focusing on in utero and after your baby is born, and how to set your baby and yourself up for success. It is up to you to make sure that you have everything you need for your growing baby, and Dr. Cleopatra’s practical tips for eating and supplementation are a must for any mama-to-be. Your microbiome is the second genome for epigenetic foundation, and it is only by nourishing yourself with what your body needs that you can create your super baby with grace and ease.

Are you ready to take control of your epigenetics through food and supplementation to provide your body with everything it needs to create the healthiest, happiest, and brightest baby possible? Share which of Dr. Cleopatra’s tips are you going to implement in the comments below!


“Pregnancy is this beautiful right of passage, not just for our babies and our super babies, but also for us as humans and as mothers. And it is such a sacred time that I think we have lost a lot of the beauty around how sacred that time is in this really fast-paced life that we are all living today.” (11:10)

“I don’t mean by being proactive that I want you to dive into that worry because that is not going to serve you in any way. But there are things that we know that we can take intelligent and proactive action on. And when it comes to those things, I want you to be very committed to doing them and being on top of them.” (20:03)

“Food is information, it is so important. And really think of that information as input that determines the output. Both for you and for your super baby.” (23:14)

“When you don’t eat those things, and then you do bring them back in, you can’t help but notice that they just don’t make you feel that good.” (34:05)

“Just because everybody else is doing it, doesn’t mean it is the right thing and it doesn’t mean it is the right thing for us. (38:18)

In This Episode

  • The first steps you should be taking after finding out that you are pregnant in order to have a healthy baby (10:10)
  • Gain clarity around the causes of miscarriages and what you can do to prevent them (19:52)
  • Which supplements and foods you should be consuming to create your super baby (21:46)
  • How to use the Fertile Food Pyramid to build your best epigenetic foundation as possible (23:40)
  • What to do if you receive pushback from your loved ones in how you are choosing to raise your super baby (37:33)
  • The 5 core micronutrient supplements you should be taking during your primemester, pregnancy, and postpartum (40:40)

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