#241: 5 Ways Magnesium Rescues Hormones and Energy

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How can you expect your body to make the energy you need and operate the hormone pathways without the actual building blocks to run the processes that make energy and hormone communication? Nutrient deficiencies, especially magnesium, leave you feeling stressed, worn out, and like you’re just not firing on all cylinders. 

But the good news is they are easy to correct! Magnesium is the #1 supplement I recommend for women because it can make the biggest, fastest difference in your hormone health and energy levels. Tune in today to learn how to leverage key supplements and start feeling better immediately!

  • Why just taking a multivitamin isn’t enough and can still leave you deficient
  • Which supplement, along with magnesium, I recommend for optimal energy and hormone health each and every day
  • 5 of the biggest ways magnesium affects your hormones, energy, and more
  • Why not all magnesium supplements are alike and which one I recommend to experience the best, fastest success!

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