#247: How to Approach Postpartum Recovery in the 4th Trimester with Dr. Cleopatra Kamperveen

If You Want to Best Prepare for Your 4th Trimester You Should:

  1. Map out your support before giving birth to make sure you will have the village you need to raise your child.
  2. Give yourself space to care for yourself and set aside time that is just for yourself.
  3. Nourish your body with the right foods and supplements to support your hormones.
  4. Be prepared and listen to your body to know when you are ready to resume normal life after giving birth.

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Episode Summary

No matter how many books you read, courses you take, conversations you have, or advice you have been given, having a baby, especially for the first time, can bring moments of uncertainty, exhaustion, and bliss. Navigating your new body, and your new baby, can be a significant adjustment, but it is possible to take on this beautiful time with ease and grace.

Understanding Your 4th Trimemester with Dr. Cleopatra Kamperveen

Dr. Cleopatra is the Fertility Strategist and Executive Director of the Fertility & Pregnancy Institute and is back for round two of our pregnancy discussion. Dr. Cleopatra is an expert when it comes to the two phases of pregnancy that are often ignored by society, the primemester, and the 4th trimester. Today Dr. Cleopatra is here to paint a picture of what life looks like postpartum so that we can be prepared with as much knowledge as possible before bringing our super babies into the world.

Always Be Prepared

The transitional period between birth and the first 12 weeks postpartum, otherwise known as the 4th trimester, can be physically and mentally draining for mama and for the baby. While there is no way to fully prepare for what to come, it is crucial that you put a plan into place before your baby arrives so that you can be prepared for what is to come and plan accordingly.

Mapping out your support, setting aside your time, and nourishing your body with the right foods and supplements can have a huge impact on your ability to transmit health from one generation to the next. By taking care of yourself and your baby, you can face this new period of discovery with ease and grace.

The Love Cocoon

Taking care of a new baby and yourself is full-time work. While it is important to be realistic about what you are both going to need, it is not all doom and gloom. Knowing your limitations, asking for help, and finding connections are all incredible ways to focus on keeping you and your baby healthy and happy. 

The 4th trimester can be treated as a love cocoon, but you need to be real and honest with your experiences to your support group to be able to enjoy this magical time.

Are you about to welcome your own bundle of joy? In what ways are you preparing for your 4th trimester? Let me know in the comments below!


“There is no way for a mom to be well in the 4th trimester if her baby isn’t growing beautifully. And similarly, it’s much easier for a baby to be growing beautifully and adjusting to the outside world when mama is doing awesome and feeling supported.” (9:23)

“If you are feeling off, I want you to make sure that you seek help and you get the help that you need.” (22:38)

“Anytime you incorporate some bioidenticals or natural sources of hormones that you want to know that it has the potential to impact that balance that can impact your milk production. It doesn’t mean it will, but pay attention to it.” (29:25)

“As much as possible, get this information and get this plan in place during your pregnancy. Don’t rely on the fact that its going to be easy for you to do that during the 4th trimester because it is actually going to be more challenging.” (33:56)

“If you are cleared and you don’t feel like you can exercise yet, that you can have sex yet, that you can go back to work yet, then I really really hope that you are able to not do those things until you want to do them.” (37:35)

In This Episode

  • How to navigate your fourth trimester with or without the right type of support (8:07)
  • Tips for supporting your hormone levels once you have delivered your baby (18:23)
  • The huge role your support system can play in your postpartum depression (22:09)
  • Which foods and supplements you should take to stay healthy physically and mentally in your fourth trimester (26:30)
  • Why it is okay to listen to your body over your doctor when it comes to getting back to ‘normal’ after giving birth (34:00)

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