#246: Top 10 Simple Hacks for Coping with Holiday Eating and Holiday Stress

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The holidays are supposed to be “the most wonderful time of the year,” but for many of us it’s also the most stressful, draining and overwhelming. 

Balancing family dynamics, changing schedules, and different eating habits can be so hard on your body, leaving you feeling burnt out before the season is even in full swing.

Tune in to today’s episode for 10 simple ways to make sure your holiday eating and holiday stress don’t get out of hand. These daily practices will make sure your health and energy stay on track all season long and answer questions like “what do I do at a holiday party?” or “how can I stick to my exercise and eating routine, even if I’m out of town?” 

This episode is going to be a lifesaver during this season, no matter what it looks like this year!

  • 10 healthy eating hacks to help you stick to your goals and be successful, even if you have a full lineup of events and are travelling
  • How to recognize emotional eating and ways to fight back against it so you can prevent holiday weight gain
  • Easy ways to distinguish physical vs. emotional hunger and what to do to respond appropriately
  • The power of being gentle with yourself this season and 10 daily stress-free hacks to make the holiday season peaceful and joyful

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