#258: Create a Metabolism-Boosting Morning Routine with Nagina Abdullah

If You Want to Start Boosting Your Metabolism You Should:

  1. Incorporate one of Nagina’s three top morning nutrition recommendations to increase your metabolic flexibility 
  2. Find foods to ‘treat’ yourself in the evenings that actually make you feel good the next day
  3. Focus on adding in foods rather than subtracting foods for a more sustainable mindset

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Episode Summary

I truly believe that your morning routine sets your tone for the whole day. But did you know that your morning routine can also help you boost your metabolism and get rid of that stubborn weight just based on what you are putting in your body?

A Metabolism Routine Built for Busy Women

Nagina Abdullah is a health coach for women professionals, physicians, and 7-figure entrepreneurs who teaches women how to lose 20-60+ pounds even while working 60+ hours a week. Nagina created her metabolism-boosting morning routine to help herself and other women who have tried everything and are ready to successfully lose weight and create a sustainable and fun lifestyle change.

Why Your Mornings Hold the Power

Nagina’s routine mimics my morning routine exactly, which is why I am so excited to have her on the show today. Nagina knows first hand the importance of a solid morning routine and has created her plan to help women focus on adding foods that make them feel better instead of playing into the diet culture mindset of restriction. 

Most people don’t associate losing weight with having fun, but with Nagina’s, the two go hand in hand and create sustainable, long-lasting results.

Boosting Your Metabolism Starts with Your Plate

When you have a metabolism-boosting morning routine, you will see slimming in your belly and the numbers on the scale dropping no matter if you are in perimenopause, menopause, or post-menopause. Nagina has seen women who have been trying to lose weight for decades finally start to see the results they have been craving with her super simple morning routine that focuses on additions instead of restrictions. 

With Nagina’s simple, cheap and easy solutions, you can embrace the tested and perfected fat-burning framework that helps you boost your metabolism throughout the day solely based on what is on your plate. If you are looking for the exact steps you need to get the weight off, keep it off, and boost your metabolism while having fun, this is the morning routine for you.

Are you already doing one of Nagina’s three major recommendations to boost your metabolism? What is working for you in your morning routine? Share which of her tips was your favorite with me in the comments below!


“In that moment, I thought, ‘this is not the life I want to live. I do not want to be the woman who is the tired mom, the low energy mom. I don’t want to feel uncomfortable in my clothes, I want to feel confident in my body’. And at that moment, something clicked in my brain, and I knew I needed to make a change, and I need to make this fun because I want it to be sustainable.” (9:22)

“The reason that we have bloating, a lot of it is the foods we are putting into our body. There are other reasons as well, but the big majority is that we are putting foods in that are causing us to have water retention and are causing our bellies to stick out… and its actually not necessarily fat, a lot of it is bloating (18:34)

“You are hydrating your body, and you are boosting your metabolism with the benefits of these ingredients, and it tastes incredible so that you want to do it every day.” (22:17)

“If you do the three steps we have talked about, you will notice your metabolism-boosting no matter how stuck you feel that it is.” (29:34)

“Sometimes you don’t even realize how you feel until you take it out, and then you can’t believe how good you feel, you can’t believe the difference.” (31:13)

In This Episode

  • The best foods to add to your diet that can act as metabolism boosters (12:22)
  • How to reduce bloating and inflammation first thing in the morning with one simple step (18:30)
  • Easy options to increase the protein in your breakfast and keep yourself fed to boost your metabolism (24:30)
  • Tips for replacing your midnight treat with something that actually makes you feel good the next day (31:35)
  • Special ways that you can change your mindset around food to serve you and your metabolism better (38:50)

Resources Mentioned

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  1. Mariela March 9, 2021 at 9:15 am #

    Hi thanks for the podcast! I do all the things but I’m still having bloated and fat around my belly.. all talking about peri menopause which I have I’m 49 years old but nobody said what to do when you have a idu, please is good to have some advice on this thanks like always

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