#259: Creating Emotional Reslience Throughout the Four Phases of Your Cycle with Lucy Peach

If You Want to Find Emotional Resilience In Each Phase of Your Cycle, You Should:

  1. Reframe how you view the four stages of your period and the unique peaks and valleys in each one
  2. Embrace and recognize what you need at different times of the month
  3. Listen to your body and trust your body to send you signals as to what it needs
  4. Track your cycle to help you plan for what your body needs at each phase of the month

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Episode Summary

We have talked about how to honor your body through the four different stages of your menstrual cycle, but have you ever considered how to honor your emotions? You can harness your menstrual cycle to create more energy, joy, and confidence for yourself by embracing the emotional changes that happen throughout the four phases of your menstrual cycle. 

By understanding and honoring what is going on with you through every part of your cycle, you can cultivate the most important relationship in your life, the one with yourself.

It Is Time to Invest in Yourself

Lucy Peach is a period preacher from Perth, Australia. With a background in human biology, sexual health education, and performance art, she combines these facets to empower and inspire people with periods to see their cycles as a strength. Lucy works to help women and youth embrace the roughly 450 periods a woman will have throughout her life so they can permit themselves to invest their energy into themselves every month.

Removing the Stigma Around Periods

Have you ever felt ashamed that you are not feeling the same all month long? Lucy wants you to know that you are meant to feel different at every part of your cycle and that it is not a bad thing. Every month you have the opportunity to practice your power and get to the bottom of who you are at every phase of the cycle.

It can sometimes feel like everyone around us wants us to be in the middle part of our cycle, but we should really be embracing the good in every part of our cycle. Knowing where you are and asking for what you need so that you can use your best power every day of the month is the key to taking back control of your mental capacity.

Taking Back Power by Listening to Yourself

Lucy is on a mission to change the way we think about periods and empower other women to change the legacy of how we think about our bodies and embrace them going forward. 

Tracking your cycle can help you plan your activities so that you show up with your best foot forward at any time of the month. Knowing what day you are at in your cycle, checking in and tuning into your body, and giving yourself what you need, is how you can use your cycle for good and open the door for more joy, self-confidence, and self-care.

How are you working to reframe the way you think about periods and embrace the emotional power that comes with each phase of the menstrual cycle? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!


“What if actually you were enough every single day of the month, but you just had a different skill set for that time?”  (13:33)

“It’s not a one size fits all. This is a lens to look at yourself through and to really just ask yourself, ‘Where am I? What do I need? What is my superpower today?’.” (20:49)

“You’ve got these phases, you might as well use them. You’re going to do this, potentially 450 times, so you get another bite of the cherry every month to explore what you are like when you are at your slowest and quietest, what are you like when you are at your biggest and most extroverted? And how can I really understand myself when I am premenstrual and turning my back on the world, and what can I take before I have to do it all over again?” (34:24)

“This whole need to be everything to everybody all of the time is exhausting. We all know that, men know that. But if you can use the menstrual cycle as a kind of tool or a guide, then you can see that you definitely don’t need to be the same every day emotionally, because look at what is going on hormonally.” (38:37)

“At a woman’s first bleeding, she meets her power. In her bleeding years, she practices her power. And in menopause, she becomes it.” (39:46)

In This Episode

  • How to reframe your emotional state throughout the four phases of your menstrual cycle (15:20)
  • Learn which part of your cycle is the most misunderstood and has the most potential for reframing (22:32)
  • Ways that you can embrace all four phases of your cycle and put that framework into practice (29:30)
  • Why doing something creative and tracking your cycle can help you find your daily superpower (36:06)
  • The importance of sharing the knowledge of period power with future generations (40:02)

Resources Mentioned

Period Queen by Lucy Peach

Lucy Peach Website

Lifehack Your Period Online Course

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One Response to #259: Creating Emotional Reslience Throughout the Four Phases of Your Cycle with Lucy Peach

  1. Susie Pettit March 29, 2021 at 12:32 pm #

    Thank you so much for bringing another great episode. I loved meeting Lucy and hearing of how she describes and defines the 4 parts of our cycle in an empowering way. I will share w my audience (midlife women) my fave part: that on our first bleed we meet our power, while menstruating we practice our power and when we are on menopause we are IN our power! 🔥🔥🔥

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