#260: Becoming a Label-Reading Ninja and Chemically Aware of Dangerous Everyday Toxins with Samantha Wright

What we’re talking about in this episode

  1. Take a good, hard look at the products that fill your home and which ones should be replaced with non-toxic alternatives
  2. Do your research and start reading the label before purchasing anything
  3. Avoid anything with the word ‘fragrance’ or that could be a victim of greenwashing
  4. Try not to get overwhelmed by taking small steps to reduce your toxic load within your home
  5. Embrace the healing and cost-effective power of essential oils

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Episode Summary

Choosing products for your home that are safe for you and your family has become increasingly confusing, especially given all of the greenwashing that happens in our grocery stores. By becoming aware of the everyday products you are using in your household, you can avoid the dangerous everyday toxins that are found in an overwhelming amount of our daily use products and keep you and your family safe.

Creating a Non-Toxic Environment at Home

Samantha Lee Wright is passionate about teaching others how to use the power of nature for better health and happiness. Host of the world’s #1 essential oil podcast, The Essential Oil Revolution, Samantha is a master at helping people clear the toxins from their lives and take control of their health. Samantha is here to share tips on how you can become a label-reading ninja and provide you with easy, effective, and affordable ways that you can create a non-toxic environment for you and your family.

Taking Your Health into Your Own Hands

Did you know that the cosmetics and personal care industries in the United States are worth 532 billion dollars per year, yet they are some of the least regulated and most chemically filled industries globally? The products we use in our homes and on our skin are scientifically proven to cause the inflammation that we see as the root causes for many chronic illnesses, which is why it is up to us to be conscious consumers when it comes to the products we use.

Being a label-reading ninja sounds complicated, but it really isn’t. All it takes is baby steps to help you get past the confusing greenwashing to understand what is in your products. While chemicals are everywhere, the information and availability of healthy products are growing and can make a huge difference in your and your family’s health.

The Power of Essential Oils

It is common to feel a bit overwhelmed when getting started with essential oils. Still, a little bit of research can prove how simple essential oils can be when replacing toxic home products with natural remedies that have so many benefits. There are millions of people, families, and children who use essential oils worldwide who find great success with their healthcare needs, and you can be one of them. It is all about finding the balance and consistency that works for you and your family to move away from the toxic chemicals we are faced with every day and empower yourself to make your own health decisions.

Are you feeling empowered to makeover your own home with Samantha’s simple, easy and affordable non-toxic tips? Share which strategy you are going to implement first with us in the comments below!


“At that time, I was a young mom, who didn’t have a lot of time on her hands, I needed quick solutions that were easy and affordable, and essential oils came into my world, and they were just the answer for me.” (12:09)

“Instead of getting caught up in that exhaustion feeling or that outrage feeling of ‘why is it so difficult to live a healthy life, darn it!’ then try to instead flip that into a feeling of empowerment and power. Because really where you vote for your dollars makes a difference.” (21:11)

“You really can’t take for granted the importance of being your own self-advocate and empowering yourself with that knowledge and to be open and trust your gut.” (29:00)

“The only guarantee that you know exactly what is in all of your products is if you make them yourself.” (41:13)

“[Essential oils] for me just represent a tool kit that I always have to go to to help me stay in charge of my health and be proactive and stay healthy instead of waiting to get sick.” (46:53)

In This Episode

  • Why chemical awareness is a non-negotiable in our daily modern life (13:21)
  • How to become a more conscious consumer and take back the power of where you spend your dollar (20:18)
  • The importance of creating your own healthcare system and being your own health advocate (25:07)
  • Easy and affordable ways to start removing the chemicals from your home (31:20)
  • What greenwashing is and how to spot it even when the packaging is misleading (39:05)
  • The role of essential oils when creating non-toxic products for you and your family (44:14)

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