#169: Everyday Detox: Strategies for Reducing Daily Environmental Toxic Exposure with Lara Adler

What we’re talking about in this episode

  • Tips for addressing the unaddressed link between chemicals and your chronic health problems
  • How to understand if toxic exposure is the driver of the health issues unfolding in your body
  • Free and simple things that you can do to reduce your toxin exposure in a meaningful way
  • Proactive interventions that can reduce your toxic load and improve your bodily environment
  • Learn how taking your shoes off and opening your windows can impact your home environment

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Episode Summary

Toxic exposure is something that many people turn a blind eye too, but did you know that it can increase your risk of cancer, infertility, and much more? Lara Adler is an environmental toxin expert and educator and a certified holistic health coach who teaches other health coaches how to eliminate the #1 thing holding their clients back from the results they are seeking environmental toxins. 

My go-to environmental toxin expert is here today to give you a real talk on how these sneaky toxins could be impacting everything from your hormones to your liver, gut, brain, and mitochondria. There are many simple and free ways that you can start to reduce your toxic load and start to feel better on your health journey, and Lara is the wealth of knowledge that you need.

Taking your shoes off indoors, your mattress, your cleaning products, and much more could be playing a role in your toxicity levels. Instead of fixing your exhaustion with more coffee and the same crappy diet, Lara wants to open your eyes to the different ways you can be affected by toxins and what you can do to reduce your toxic load and address the toxins already inside of your body. 

As a modern woman, it is incredibly important to understand the effects of the toxins that can be found in our personal care products, makeup, cleaning products and so much more so that you can protect you and your family’s health and prevent future chronic health problems. 

Are you ready to take a deep dive into the effect environmental toxins are having on your body? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!


“It’s really looking at toxicity from a different perspective. We are not looking at acute toxicity, we’re looking at this sort of slow, heavy rock on the chest of our health that is suffocating us and can lead towards increased risks of x, y and z conditions.” (17:10)

“Some of these chemicals interfere with the very organs and the very processes that are necessary to deal with toxic exposures, so if we have chemicals that are interfering with liver function or that are interfering with these different pathways of detoxification, then we are sort of adding fuel to the fire.” (25:22)

“It’s not just toxicity that is causing these issues, it’s just a piece of the conversation. So the crappy diet, the staying up until one on your cellphone and Facebook, all of those things are not helping either. Just being in this sort of fight or flight and chronic stress because of the world we live in, all of those things are certainly compounding together. But I like to focus on the toxicity part because it doesn’t seem like very many people are.” (30:54)

“I really have refined this more and more over the years in talking to people and sharing this information and seeing how overwhelmed they get. I think the easiest place to start is what is free and easy.” (41:57)

“At the same time when we are working on reducing what we are exposed to, we also want to amplify our ability to actually get rid of the things we can’t avoid and the things that are already in us. And this is where the everyday detox conversation comes in.” (52:51)

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