#308: What Is Trauma and How Does It Make Us Sick? with Dr. Elena Villanueva

If You Want To Navigate Your Trauma, You Should:

  1. Identify and understand what your triggers are
  2. Work on your mental health and navigating your emotions
  3. Create your own reality through emotional intelligence

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Episode Summary

Even though you might not know it, unresolved trauma impacts your health, relationships, your self-care, and so much more. Both big and little traumas that are left unresolved can have a huge impact on what is going on in your life today. By doing the emotional work and becoming a master at navigating your emotions, you will see major improvements in your health and your life.

Learning About Trauma with Dr. Elena Villanueva

Dr. Elena Villanueva is an expert in evidence-based approaches for finding and treating the underlying causes of chronic illness and brain-related conditions. Using the most advanced approaches in epigenetics and biohacking, Dr. V’s approach incorporates the merging of science and spirituality and the integration of the mind/body/spirit for the healing and optimization of the human body and mind. Her new 5 Part Series Mental Health Master Class is a 101 introduction to trauma and how it could be affecting your health.

How Trauma Impacts Our Health

One of the biggest root causes of hormone issues is trauma and chronic stress. It can impact your energy, sleep, mood, metabolism, reproductive system, and more. Unresolved trauma can show up in our relationships, our ability to communicate, and our ability to handle our emotions. Trauma could be the underlying cause that is making you sick or keeping you from healing. Unresolved trauma literally changes our biology and physiology and can even be passed down through genetics and epigenetics. This is why it is so important to learn how to navigate our emotions for our physical and mental health.

What to Do When You Feel Triggered

If you have been feeling triggered lately, you are not alone. But the good news is that triggers are really just a warning sign from your body. If you are able to listen to your body and use the techniques Dr. V shares in this episode, you can go from being the victim to the victor. 

You have the power to master your emotions and work through your trauma and create a new reality with your health and everything in your life.

Are you ready to work through your unresolved trauma and start feeling better both physically and mentally? Share how you are working on mastering your emotions with me in the comments below!


“We find that there are many underlying causes that can make people sick and not allow them to fully heal. And unresolved trauma and unprocessed emotions are one of them.” (7:00)

“The big things that we think of, sure, those are traumas. But we can also have other little things too that are really not so little when we think about it, because of how we perceive it can really rewire our brains and cause us to struggle with the after-effects of trauma for many years.” (12:42)

“We are not taught how to navigate emotions. We are not taught how to process trauma. We are not taught any of those things. What we are taught is coping mechanisms.” (23:40)

“All of the things that we have been submerging all of our lives and for generations, it’s all coming to the surface now. And so everything is triggering everybody. And there are answers and solutions for that, and it is so amazing the things that can be done.” (31:02)

“The trigger is a sign, it’s trying to tell you something, it is an SOS signal. So burying the trigger or getting rid of the trigger by just avoiding it is not really fixing the issue. Finding what the root cause of that trigger is, and dealing with the root cause, that’s what’s going to get you long-term resolution.” (35:51)

In This Episode

  • Tips for understanding and identifying if you are dealing with trauma (9:14)
  • Why trauma can manifest and make you sick for many years to come (13:11)
  • What to do if you are experiencing hormone issues because of your stress and cortisol (19:16)
  • Learn how to allow yourself to feel your emotions instead of just checking out (27:27)
  • How to manage your emotions when you feel triggered (30:02)

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