#372: What to Eat on Your Plate to Balance Blood Sugar Levels for the Entire Day with Kelly Leveque

If You Want To Empower Your Plate to Balance Your Blood Sugar, You Should:

  1. Focus on the Fab 4 of protein, fats, fiber, and leafy greens
  2. Be aware of hidden liquid sugars that could be causing internal chaos
  3. Understand the science of what is happening in your body through tools like a CGM

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Episode Summary

It has never been more confusing to figure out what to eat. It seems like every ‘health guru’ out there has a different opinion, which is why it is no wonder that millions of people fail at these fad diets every single year. The truth is, no fad diet is sustainable. Controlling your health through what you eat comes down to three simple truths. Hormones matter more than calories, real whole foods are best, and it is always important to take your blood sugar balance into account when it comes to what you are feeding yourself and your family.

The Fab 4 Fundamentals with Kelly LeVeque

Kelly LeVeque is a holistic nutritionist, wellness expert, celebrity health coach, and the best-selling author of Body Love and Body Love Every Day. She has a deep desire to help her clients through her passion for human nutrition and curiosity about how the human body works. She helps people understand the latest research and rationale behind important nutrition principles and provide delicious recipes and recommended products to fuel properly. Her Fab 4 Fundamentals course simplifies the science of nutrition to empower participants to confidently take charge of their health.

Not Another Fad Diet

Maintaining blood sugar balance through real food is critical for supporting brain function, mood, energy, reproductive health, and overall metabolism. While the fad diets out there will try and convince you that you need a magic pill to achieve this, all you really need is a whole food and an understanding of what is happening with your blood sugar throughout the day.

Kelly’s Fab 4 Philosophy focuses on proteins, fats, fiber, and leafy greens to help both adults and children balance their blood sugar through food and create generational, long-lasting health. When it comes to creating metabolic flexibility, you need to be strategic about what you are putting on your plate so that you can show up for yourself and others.

Your Kids Are Learning From Their Plates

The Fab 4 Philosophy isn’t just for adults. Kelly knows firsthand that what your kids are ingesting, especially liquid sugar, may be having a much bigger effect on your child than you realize. Kelly is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to regulating your child’s blood sugar, while you can make healthy decisions for your family knowing the why behind it.

So much of our mood, concentration, and focus, have so much to do with what we eat. If you are able to naturally balance your blood sugar, you can stop feeling like you are on a rollercoaster and stabilize your metabolism so that you can show up today, tomorrow, and far beyond.

Are you ready to balance your and your family’s blood sugar through simple, natural whole foods? Share how you are working to regulate and support your blood sugar and metabolic flexibility with me in the comments below!


“Blood sugar balance can be supported by the food that we eat if we are eating a mix of macronutrients.” (9:32)

“We cannot think about sugar and sweetened foods as just ‘this is something that makes us gain weight. We have to think about all of the detrimental effects that are contributing to our overall well-being.” (16:45)

“All your children really want is quality time with you. And guess what? You are going to give them better quality time when your blood sugar is balanced and you are not craving, not crashing, not irritable when you can focus. Because all of these same effects I am talking about for children when they have proper blood sugar balance, we have as adults.” (20:47)

“I am not a huge fan of liquid sugar and I am looking to avoid them as much as possible based on the fact that I know that not only am I going to deal with a toddler who is having a tantrum or needs to sleep it off, it just creates that blood sugar rollercoaster.” (41:51)

“You are not doing this for your vanity, you’re doing it for generational health. Health over generations that you are able to gift your child.” (50:32)

In This Episode

  • The #1 thing you need to learn about what is happening with your blood sugar (11:05)
  • Why the first meal of the day really is the most important when it comes to your health (21:33)
  • Learn why liquid sugars are the silent culprits to your unstable blood sugar levels (27:45)
  • What you should be feeding your children in order to protect them from unstable blood sugar (38:21)
  • How protein can protect you and your family from blood sugar chaos (52:45)

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