#370: How Our Daily Food Choices Make or Break Our Energy Levels and the Number 1 Thing to Overcome Chronic Fatigue with Ari Whitten

If You Want to Gain More Energy, You Should:

  1. Focus on creating a solid circadian rhythm foundation 
  2. Optimize your body composition through blood sugar regulation techniques
  3. Remember to use healthy foods as your fuel instead of focusing on a strict diet

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Episode Summary

Has burnout or chronic fatigue become so normal in your life that you are just used to living with it? We are facing an energy epidemic in this country due to our modern lifestyles, but it doesn’t have to be this way.  The good news is there are simple solutions that you can add to your daily routine that will restore your energy levels and give you the resilience to move past burnout.

Eat for Energy with Ari Whitten

Ari Whitten is the founder of The Energy Blueprint system, a comprehensive lifestyle and supplement program which has helped more than two million people (and counting) experience optimal health, better performance, and more energy. His new book, Eat for Energy, combines his 25+ years of experience in the study of human health science to help others supercharge their mitochondria, beat fatigue, and unlock all-day energy.

Mitochondria is King

Ari believes that there are two fundamental causes to our society’s overwhelming lack of energy. The overall stress on our bodies from our environment and lifestyle, and what is going on with our mitochondria. We all know that challenging our mitochondria is the key to optimizing our bodies’ hormonal production throughout the day and getting the energy that we require. But how do we challenge our mitochondria properly? Through simple lifestyle changes and changing the way we look at our food supply.

How to Create More Energy

Ari isn’t interested in giving you another extreme elimination diet. Instead, he focuses on giving people simple, effective tools using whole foods to help optimize their body’s composition, regulate their blood sugar, provide them with a strong circadian rhythm, and ultimately have more energy and feel better.

Instead of focusing on all of the things you have to remove from your diet, Ari challenges you to add foods into your life that reverse the issues that have to do with mitochondrial health. When you can implement these few simple solutions, your energy production will come back in a whole new light.

Are you ready to overcome your chronic fatigue? Share what lifestyle and food shifts have been a game-changer for you with me in the comments below!


“There is a mismatch between our evolutionary design, how we have been designed by millions of years of evolution, and the modern environment that we are now living in and the modern lifestyle we now have.” (7:43)

“I think that in 5 or 10 years, that story is not only going to be known, but it is going to be recognized as one of the most important aspects to mitochondrial health, and overall health and disease prevention and longevity.” (25:37)

“I am not claiming this is the one true best way to eat. I am compiling many decades of nutrition science and putting together a whole bunch of flexible nutrition strategies that can be layered with and integrated into basically any dietary pattern you want.” (29:03)

“All of those things I just mentioned take virtually zero effort to do. And if you integrate all of those super low effort things I just mentioned into your life, you haven’t even changed your diet at all yet, but you have made a massive impact on your blood sugar regulation which is one of the major drivers of your energy levels.” (39:49)

“People know that donuts and ice cream and pizza are not good for them. There is no confusion about that. The issue is those foods are tasty and pleasurable and addicting, and so I am putting much more focus on the best foods to eat, and the principles of how to eat and when to eat and the order of how you eat your foods and things of that nature. So much more of a positive focus of what you are adding into your diet than on any sort of extreme removal approach.” (47:09)

In This Episode

  • Why we are seeing so many people struggle with low energy in modern life (7:14)
  • How to begin to rebuild robust mitochondria when coming from a place of burnout (12:11)
  • The importance of building a strong circadian rhythm foundation and lifestyle (27:36)
  • Easy tips for utilizing your fat and deregulated sugar as an energy source (33:05)
  • Which kinds of food you should be thinking about for boosting your energy (41:25)

Resources Mentioned

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Eat for Energy book by Ari Whitten

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