#373: Three Hormones That Matter Most When It Comes to Metabolic Health

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In This Episode:

We work so hard to take care of ourselves. We go to the gym, make healthy dinners, and limit treats to only healthy sugars…

But metabolic health is directly connected to some of our biggest symptoms.…

And even those healthy sugars can lead to blood sugar spikes and crashes…

If you want to achieve optimal metabolic wellness, there are three hormones you need to hone in on!

Tune in today to hear…

  • How long it took me to recover from a small blood sugar spike
  • The health complications that chronically elevated blood glucose levels can cause
  • Why Syndrome X leads you to more carbs
  • What characteristics put you at high risk for type 2 diabetes
  • How higher levels of leptin can lead to overeating
  • And more!

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