#387: The Most Common Reason for Heavy, Painful Periods, Lumpy Breast and Uncomfortable Bloating

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In This Episode:

Are you experiencing, or have you experienced intense, painful PMS symptoms? Ugh! 

They can feel like the worst. But these symptoms are not inevitable, despite what you might’ve heard.

So what is the most common reason we struggle the week before our period and the few days at the start of our period?

Tune in to today’s podcast for a deep dive into how to address your worst period symptoms–and learn:

  • What imbalance causes the most severe symptoms, like heavy, painful periods, lumpy, tender breasts, migraines and bloating 
  • What’s happening to hormones at each stage of your cycle
  • Why birth control pills do more harm than good to your body
  • How to identify and track your ovulatory cycle 
  • Many of the top root causes of Estrogen Dominance
  • Things you can do to fix imbalances and overcome your symptoms

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