#351: 5 Big Reasons Why We Need to Have a Period

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Have you been told by health magazine articles, doctors, or experts that it’s ok not to have a period? It’s not true. Your menstrual cycle is a vital sign, so suppressing it is not a good idea.

By using your cycle as a vital sign, practitioners can uncover clues that lead to the root cause of your symptoms.

Otherwise, the root causes are hidden by hormonal birth control…

If you want further proof of how important your menstrual cycle is, tune in today to hear…

  • What happened to my body when I got on the pill
  • Two ways the pill may worsen problems in your body
  • How research from 2004 confirmed the fifth vital sign
  • What our bodies are missing when we don’t ovulate
  • How sex hormones affect other body systems
  • And more!

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