#42: What Happens To Your Hormones In Your Forties and How Progesterone Can Help with Lara Briden


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What we’re talking about in this episode!

  • The estrogen rollercoaster, progesterone crash and when to expect it
  • Lifestyle habits that can disrupt your hormones
  • Why hormonal birth control is not a good option later in life
  • The important role progesterone plays in the way your body functions
  • Lara’s secret superpowers that you are going to want to leverage


Episode Summary:

If you are feeling confused around what is happening to you hormones now that you’ve entered your 40’s, you are not alone. This can be a confusing time for many women who are dealing with perimenopause, but Lara Briden is here to calm some of your worries.

Lara is a fellow hormone warrior and bestselling author of The Period Repair Manual. She is passionate about women’s health, alternatives to hormonal birth control, and helping women navigate perimenopause and menopause with grace.

Perimenopause can be a decade-long stage of your life that can really shake things up in your body. Luckily, this stage does not last forever, and Lara has some great tips to help with some practical solutions to better periods. Learn what to do if you are having heavy periods during perimenopause, specific adaptogenic herbs to use, and how to balance your estrogen and progesterone.

It is time to get rid of the stigma surrounding menopause and learn what is going on inside of your body. By understanding what is going on inside your body plus setting boundaries around sleep, putting aside time for yourself and time for exercise, you can easily manage this transition with ease.

Have you experienced hormonal changes in your forties? How have you adapted to them? Let us know in the comments on the episode page



“That’s what the pill does to women. It creates a kind of chemical menopause and then comes in with hormone replacement that forces a bleed… it’s such a substandard type of hormone replacement.” (20:02)

“I will be sitting there looking at someone in the grips of those symptoms, especially if it’s mood or sleep symptoms, women can’t really tolerate them for very long. And honestly, all they get from their doctors is antidepressants or sleep meds. There is very little being offered to them and they are just being told, ‘well it’s just that time of life’, but I don’t accept that.” (22:35)

“One thing for women to understand is this is temporary. You are not going to always be like this, even if you are getting bad symptoms it doesn’t mean this is your life now, it just means you have to get through this transition” (23:07)

“There is a stigma that menopause is about being old for women which is just terrible for women because of the way society is, I would say the way the patriarchy is, does not value older women. But think about how many amazing, fantastic dynamic women that are out there in their 50’s and beyond, its not something to be afraid of.” (37:39)


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