#420: Owning Your Pelvic Power and Healing from Chronic Pelvic Pain with Isa Herrera

If You Want to Own Your Pelvic Power, You Should:

  1. Think about your pelvic floor as a macro connector to your whole body and womanhood
  2. Believe in the vitality of your pelvic floor and vagina as you age 
  3. Show up for yourself by implementing Isa’s simple and effective strategies

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Episode Summary

Pelvic pain is a real problem for women worldwide. Whether it is just a little bit of pee, some discomfort during intercourse, or pressure that you push through, as women, we are taught these are just typical signs of aging. But the reality is these things are totally reversible and fixable if you have the right tools to set yourself, and your pelvic floor, up for success.

Overcoming Pelvic Pain with Isa Herrera

Isa Herrera is a licensed physical therapist, as well as an expert in integrative pelvic floor therapies. She developed her expertise in diagnosing and treating pelvic pain, leaking, and prolapse by helping over 15,000 women since 2005 at her NYC healing center Renew Physical Therapy. She is also the author of five books on the topic of pelvic floor dysfunction and pain, including the international bestseller, Female Pelvic Alchemy. After suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction after her daughter’s birth, Isa has made it her life’s mission to help 1 million women overcome pelvic floor dysfunction.

Reclaim Your Pelvic Power

Do you find yourself planning your days around the location of a bathroom or the ‘just in case’? As women, we have a lot of control over how strong and stable our pelvic floor muscles are; we just have never been taught how to harness this power! It is totally possible to reverse pelvic pain and pelvic floor dysfunction, and understanding how your pelvic floor muscles work is the first step.

By cultivating pelvic strength, you can step into your power as a woman. The pelvic floor is the global connector for how we feel in our bodies and how we feel about yourself. Through Isa’s simple and easy-to-implement strategies, you can reclaim your pelvic power forever.

Creating an Ageless Pelvic Floor

As we get older, our pelvic floor tends to respond to the changes in our body by becoming more tighter and tenser. We are taught to believe that we need to be tight down there in order to have pleasure, but that is just not true. By listening to what your body is telling you and changing the way you think about aging, you can have a vital, sexy, toned pelvic floor into your 80s, 90s, and beyond.

When it comes to our pelvic floor, menopause doesn’t have to be horrible. By educating yourself and implementing the right mindset and strategies, you can come back into your vitality and take back your power.

Are you ready to reverse your pelvic floor dysfunction and step back into your power as a woman? Share your thoughts and experiences with me in the comments below!


“Because of the media, because of everything we have been indoctrinated into thinking about our health and aging, we start to believe that its okay.” (3:45)

“The first step in healing is that shift in mindset, and the science proves it! What we already know intuitively as women. That you can have a vital, sexy, toned, strong pelvic floor well into your 90’s and 100’s. The pelvic floor is ageless; it is this dynamic, beautiful, incredible place of profound healing for women.” (11:23)

“A pelvic self-care routine and sexual wellness self-care routine is as important as going to the gym and doing your leg lifts.” (14:54)

“There needs to be a revolution! And we are part of it. So we welcome women to come and hang with us. Because honestly, the way things are going…it just doesn’t work anymore.” (22:43)

“Attending this workshop is going to give you a foundation; it is going to give you hope.” (25:56)

In This Episode

  • Learn about the difference between the pelvic floor and the vagina (4:47)
  • The most common pelvic floor issues seen in practice by Isa (8:40)
  • How to proactively improve the pelvic floor health that you have as you age (13:18)
  • Takeaway tips if you think or know you are struggling with pelvic floor dysfunction (16:15)
  • Why you need to remember to be the CEO of your health and take care of yourself first (22:52)

Resources Mentioned

FREE The Pelvic Floor Secrets Workshop: 5 Steps To Happier & Stronger “Lady Parts” & A Leak-Free Bladder

Pelvic Pain Relief Website

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