#462: How to Know It’s Time for a Self Care Break with Dr. Cheyenne Bryant

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Episode Summary

In the words of the GREAT Les Brown, “Feel the pain and do it anyways.” 

Today’s episode is all about staying true to your own unique journey–even when fear or circumstance distracts you from your vision. Discover how to plant the seeds of abundance, harvest them with ease, and take inspired action to manifest the life that you’ve always wanted.

Dr. Cheyenne Bryant is a Psychology Expert, renowned Life Coach, Teen Mom Life Coach on MTV, ranked #1 Author in SUCCESS Magazines top 20, the President of NAACP; branch #1069, Founder of Dr. Bryant Institute, Founder of Dr. Bryant Foundation, author of the award-winning Readers Favorite Five-Star book, “Mental Detox,” Motivational Speaker, community activist, host, and brand ambassador!

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“It’s a human right for people to have mental health, peace of mind and a great quality of life” (3:38)

“One of the epitome of self loves is boundaries. And so I have a beautiful garden that I have taken inventory of back when I started my healing journey. And I took inventory of this garden and I rooted up and plowed out and pruned all the stuff that did not serve me, that wasn’t in alignment or conducive to what tops me up, fills me up, brings me peace.” (5:14)

“I nurture and I really invest a lot in myself and that’s the only way I’m able to be such a huge investment in my loved ones and my clients and my on and off camera clients the way that I’m able to. Cause otherwise, no matter how much I love what I do, at some point burnout is also something I can experience” (8:05)

“Your freedom is in you. When you are disconnected from you, you have an internal struggle that feels chaotic and you feel the disconnect, it’s chaotic. You feel the distortion of it. And so as you find your sense of self, you then connect and you align with who you are.”(10:09)

“When you start to control your three-part house and get that in alignment, that is called self-mastery. You are now governing yourself. You are not allowing your democracy to overpower you. And now you’re in a dictatorship with yourself.” (21:52)

In This Episode

  1. Taking Time For Yourself
  2. Trusting Yourself Enough To Pivot When Needed On Your Journey Of Self-Discovery
  3. Discovering Your Own Path And Purpose
  4. Staying On Your Own Unique Journey Even When Fear Or Circumstance Distracts From One’s Vision
  5. Resistance and Surrendering
  6.  Planting Seeds Of Abundance And Taking Inspired Action To Manifest The Life We Want

Resources Mentioned

Dr. Mariza’s Detox Masterclass: drmariza.com/detoxclass

Dr. Bryant’s Book: Mental Detox

Dr. Bryant: ABC’s manifestation

Dr. Cheyenne Bryant’s Website

Follow Dr. Cheyenne on Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

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