#378: How to Trust Yourself More Even if You Haven’t in the Past and How to Navigate Your Emotions Especially When You Are Triggered with Dr. Patty Ann Tublin

If You Want to Gain More Emotional Intelligence, You Can:

  1. Find self-awareness and ownership in the role you play in the relationships
  2. Create space to listen to your bodies triggers and learn the lessons necessary to move on in a healthy way
  3. Work to cultivate a level of grace, understanding, and compassion towards yourself and others

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Episode Summary

Most of us want to experience our emotions in a safe and healthy way without feeling triggered or reactive. However, in a lot of daily situations, this is much easier said than done. Becoming emotionally intelligent, especially during difficult conversations or situations can be scary. But, tapping into your own truth and learning how to show up authentically can open you up to a new way of living that you never thought possible.

Helping Women Succeed with Dr. Patty Ann Tublin

Dr. Patty Ann Tublin is an internationally recognized emotional intelligence communication and relationship expert, speaker, author, executive coach and consultant. As the CEO and Founder of Relationship Toolbox LLC, a training and development coaching and consulting firm specializing in the development of emotional intelligence and other critical “soft” skills, she enhances optimal individual and group performance that impacts the bottom line.

Her passionate belief that all success is based upon the ability to create, nurture and sustain healthy relationships permeates her work as an executive coach and consultant delivering workshops, seminars and leadership development.

What Is Emotional Intelligence?

Dr. Patty Ann defines emotional intelligence as “your ability to identify and manage your emotions in real time so they don’t manage you, and the ability to empathize with the emotions of others in real time”. While this may sound obvious, many of us don’t know how we feel about situations, and can lead to negative repercussions in the long run.

The easiest way to increase your emotional intelligence is to gain self awareness, self worth and self love so that you can identify your triggers and become emotionally intelligent, even in difficult situations.

Owning Your Role

By taking ownership and responsibility of where you and your relationships are at today, you can start to re-engage the conversation and your relationships in order to restore trust and get to a place where you do not subscribe to toxicity.

If you can learn to pause during your triggers and master your emotional intelligence, you can bring wisdom to your daily life and approach your relationships in a whole new light. Tapping into your own truth, and finding clear paths of empathy, compassion and connection that you seek from others, can open yourself up to a form of growth you may never have thought possible.

How are you working to develop your emotional intelligence, improve your relationships, and build your ability to handle tough situations? Share your thoughts and experiences with me in the comments section


“Relationships are wonderful and awesome and giving and freaking messy. They are so messy, and why is that? It’s because humans are messy. And that is part of the beauty, but it is also part of the complication.” (6:04)

“In the muck is where the growth happens. Even though the muck sucks, it is where we can grow the most. That is where our potential gets pinged and comes into play.” (9:57)

“If you start from a place of gratitude and acceptance and love, it’s a great way to go through the world and a great way to go through your day.” (21:55)

“The first step is self-awareness. Identify so that you can manage. Because we cannot manage what we do not know we are feeling. (32:02)

“Every single person can develop their emotional intelligence. And in a lot of ways, that is the wisdom of life.” (38:18)

In This Episode

  • How to step back and understand the role you play in difficult situations (5:46)
  • Tips for understanding your own role in situations, especially during the messy stuff (9:37)
  • Ways to create empathy and forgiveness by developing your compassion and emotional intelligence (18:18)
  • The first step to take when you feel yourself getting trigger by a difficult or emotional situation (31:35)
  • How to bring your emotional intelligence to every relationship in your life (39:39)
  • Why you need to manage your expectations and easy solutions on how to do so to avoid resentment (44:57)

Resources Mentioned

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