#449: Advice I Would Give My Perimenopausal Self

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In This Episode:

Last month, during Menopause Awareness Month, I was asked by my publisher at Penguin Random House to share advice I would give my perimenopausal self for their newsletter.

And I LOVED this assignment because it is so important to ask ourselves these types of questions–so that we walk our journey with intention. 

It also gave me a moment to really think about what I would tell my younger self to make life even better. 

Catch today’s short podcast for the 5 critical pieces of advice I would give to my perimenopausal self–and learn:

  • The truth about what you deserve at any age
  • My favorite, most-recommended daily habit
  • What to do with things that don’t serve you
  • How to create a richer, more meaningful life
  • A few non-negotiables to add to your routine 
  • And more!

Mentioned in This Episode

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Activated B CompleteThe Nerve-Protector 

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