#482: How to Embrace Joy in the Chaos and Rise Up After Sucky Moments with Dr. Neeta Bhushan

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Episode Summary

Dr. Neeta Bhushan is fresh off the release of her new hit book, “That Sucked. Now What?” and is ready to help you normalize the messy, chaotic, and sometimes sh*tty human moments we all face on this beautiful journey of life. 

In this powerful episode, she’ll take you through a level of expansion and growth that gives you permission to embrace the suck–and helps you break through to lasting, audacious resilience.

You’ll learn why it’s so hard to get back up when stuff goes down, how four core components of your life shape your individual Bounce Factor, and the five stages of her Fly Forward framework: Falling, Igniting, Rising, Magnifying, and Thriving. 

Listen to this episode to discover the best version of you–the one you know is in there; the one you’ve been waiting to become for all of your life. 


Neeta is a mother, wife, entrepreneur, and performance coach to thousands. She’ls helped change-makers, high achievers, and burnt out professionals pivot into careers they love, and create lives where they thrive.

She’s obsessed with helping you build your mental fitness through expanding your emotional grit skills, your overall emotional management with a blend of psychology, neuroscience, and ancient philosophies into discovering your best self.

Neeta has spoken and shared this message in large- and small-scale groups, corporate events, and companies around the world. 

She’s extremely passionate to help you make your mental and emotional health a priority because you didn’t learn these lessons in school.

In This Episode

  • Tips for making difficult decisions
  • Strategies for coping with tough times
  • Learning how to embrace your struggles moving forward with greater self-awareness

Resources Mentioned

Dr. Neeta’s Website

Dr. Neeta on Instagram

Dr. Neeta’s Podcast

Check out her New Book: That Sucked. Now What?

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