#484: Combat Fatigue and Stress with 5 Super Potent Adaptogenic Herbs

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In This Episode:

We all have days when it feels like we have absolutely nothing left in the tank and no idea how we’re going to get everything done.

There really is nothing worse than feeling THAT stressed and drained!

(and no amount of coffee, chocolate, or sugar is going to change it)  

So on those days, how do we recover from the energy drain and overwhelm?

Catch today’s podcast for 5 super-potent adaptogenic herbs that have saved me countless times in a pinch and will change your life, too–and learn:

  1. What adaptogens are and how they work
  2. Why adaptogens are better than stimulants like coffee 
  3. Conditions and ailments that adaptogens can help remediate 
  4. The connection between adaptogens and hormones 
  5. My top 5 adaptogenic herbs for energy, focus, and stress 

Mentioned in This Episode

Hormone BalanceThe Hormone-Regulator 

Adrenal LoveThe Energy-Booster 

Liver Support BlendThe Daily-Detoxer 

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