#539: Everything You Need to Know About Navigating Hormone Changes in Perimenopause

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In This Episode:

Hands down, one of the most challenging/overlooked areas of a women’s health journey is the transition to menopause (aka perimenopause!). 

Yet this critical 10+ year window is responsible for shaping our future self AND health.

But the way things are going for more than 85% of women, the future is not looking so bright post-menopause. 

Catch this week’s podcast to find out what you can do to better prepare yourself–and learn:

  1. The latest (and most surprising) stats on women’s hormone health 
  2. Which root cause to look out for and how to understand the warning signs
  3. Two mental techniques that can help you through the entire transition 
  4. 7 easy lifestyle pivots that every women over 35 should make 
  5. And more! 

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