#389: Are Birth Control Pills the Best Remedy for Perimenopause Symptoms?

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Are Birth Control Pills the Best Remedy for Perimenopause Symptoms? (ep. 389)

SO MANY women have come to me asking if they should start taking birth control pills to alleviate their symptoms during perimenopause. 

It’s complicated! The pill CAN lessen some of your perimenopause symptoms by shutting off your hormones, BUT like other medications, they are only a band-aid and come packed with problematic side effects… 

They ALSO fail miserably at getting to the root cause of our most disruptive symptoms. 

Tune in to today’s podcast for to find out what birth control pills do to your hormones, health, and ovulatory cycle, PLUS things you can do to naturally alleviate your perimenopause symptoms AND LEARN: 

  • The difference between having a natural cycle vs. birth control pill cycle
  • What is progesterone and what are its top benefits 
  • Why detoxing your liver is essential to balancing your hormones 
  • Which lifestyle habits are your BEST friend 
  • How to address key nutrient deficiencies with specific supplements 

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