#54: Manifesting What You Want Through Mindful Movement with Erin Stutland

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What we’re talking about is this episode!

  • Manifesting what you want through mantras and mindful movement
  • How positive self-talk can have an impact on the way you move your body
  • The ways in which being a TV personality impacted Erin while writing her book
  • Taking care of your emotional wellbeing while focusing on your inner beliefs
  • Getting clear on what you actually want and trusting your inner voice


Episode Summary:

Are you looking to create big changes in your life in 2019? My guest today, Erin Stutland, has a passion for helping people create positive motion in their lives through mantras and movement. Erin is a mind, body, wellness and fitness expert, and recent author of the new book Mantras in Motion. Today Erin is providing an enlighting approach to creating movement in your life by moving your body.

Erin explores creating meaningful change by harnessing the bodies mental, spiritual and physical energy, She works to cleanse stuck energy and transform negative thinking into possibilities, by tapping into your strength and confidence as you have never experienced before.

Erin is an advocate for positive affirmations combined with physical exercise to create a spiritually moving experience. By understanding these concepts intellectually, and then accepting them into your heart and body so you can begin to move forward, Erin helps her clients move into happiness.  

By bringing in mantras to help manifest the changes you wish to see yourself and the world, you too can develop a determination to heal. What things do you want to see more of in your life during 2019? Share it with me in the comments below!



“It really comes down to how you look at things, how you talk to yourself, what is your attitude, what are your beliefs?” (15:07)

“That is what I was really interested in discovering. How can we get these concepts of compassion, confidence, courage, into our bodies so that they were not just intellectual ideas” (17:35)

“The missing ingredient from this manifesting process was using the glorious energy of our bodies, because that’s really where so much of our energy resides, within our bodies. Why not use it?” (22:51)

“Sometimes you are at a place where you want to work on body acceptance, sometimes you are in a place where you want to work on body transformation, there’s nothing wrong with either one of those” (26:16)

“I think that is one of the greatest gifts when your inner voice becomes so loud that you can’t ignore it. Then I think the world becomes your oyster and you have to move forward” (33:05)


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