#53: How to Create a Food Philosophy That Works For Your Body with Diane Sanfilippo

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What we’re talking about is this episode!

  • Why you can have your own food philosophy that fits your specific needs
  • Simple strategies to break up with sugar in a way that nourishes you
  • Identifying distinct meals and preparing yourself for the keto journey
  • Thinking ahead and planning your day around getting hungry
  • Creating freedom around when you get hungry and feeling satisfied by your meal


Episode Summary:

With a new year comes new intentions and goals. For many of us, those goals should be related to breaking up with sugar. That’s why I am joined by the wonderful, 2-time New York Times Bestselling author and certified nutrition consultant, Diane Sanfilippo. Diane is the founder of Balanced Bites and a warrior for dialing into nutrition that serves you on an individual level.

Through her own experience ditching her heavy grain-based diet to regulate her appetite and blood sugar, Diane realized there was a more natural and sustainable solution to regaining your health. Through adjusting her nutrition to a ketogenic diet, Diane has helped herself and thousands of others create metabolic freedom through food.

Today Diane is sharing all of the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of maximizing your bodies potential through food. If you are curious about keto, Diane is the ‘soft landing’ to help you understand the ketogenic diet and how to find the right way to eat for you. If you are struggling with cravings, still afraid of fat, or don’t know what is going on with your body, this episode is for you.

Diane seeks to inspire others through information about nutrition and to find the right diet for your body type, no matter what you ultimately decide on. She is creating instant wins to move the needle in your health, and helping women become empowered in their own bodies.

Have you tried a ketogenic diet? What results did you see? Let us know in the comments on the episode page!



“That was like the first eye-opening moment for me about what we are eating in a way that affects our health in ways more than just weight loss.” (9:37)

“It’s really that freedom, I don’t have to freak out at this moment where I have started to get hungry because I am not going to get to that crazy hangry place.” (16:30)

“We really cut ourselves short when thinking and planning ahead about food. And I’m not saying to get obsessive about it, its just more being thoughtful about your future self” (28:38)

“I think people beat themselves up way too much, and I have seen this a lot in the keto community. Where people are like ‘well if I do this, will I not be keto?’ and I’m like, ‘are the keto police going to come get you?’” (43:18)


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