#550: Metabolic and Hormone Secrets to Staying Hot, Happy and Thriving After 40 and Beyond with Dr. Tyna Moore

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Episode Summary

What if you could choose how to spend your time NOW so you don’t lose precious hours with loved ones down the road?

That’s what you need to consider when you make daily decisions. Because as your body transitions over time, your risk for disease increases if you’re not careful.

But today, Dr. Tyna joins me to discuss choosing to take care of yourself and do everything in your power to keep your metabolic engine running.

From building muscle, to lowering inflammation, to taking hormones to extend your reproductive longevity– we dive into it all in this podcast. 

So are you looking to maintain good metabolic health in perimenopause and menopause for a long and healthy life? 

Listen now to take charge of your life– no matter what stage you’re in!

Dr. Tyna Moore

Dr. Tyna Moore has nearly three decades of experience as a medical professional. She’s a leading expert in holistic regenerative medicine and resilient metabolic health. As a naturopathic physician and chiropractic, she brings a unique perspective to those wishing to build a more robust foundation in their health.


“94% of women are struggling metabolically, especially during the biggest hormone transition, which is perimenopause and then beyond.”

“One of two things happens… You either step into your power and you own it and you kick ass, or…fall into this victim role and kind of lose [yourself] in it.” 

“I’m just going to say I was really honest the other day where I was like, ‘my blood sugar is optimal, my labs look great. I’m on hormones.’ I am so mindful of the things that I do every day.”

“If you look at your patients’ labs, it didn’t matter how active they were, how fit they were, how well they ate– they all ended up with this low-grade diabetes. It’s just a fact of aging.”

“I just want you to advocate for yourself…and really try to seek out the people who can help support you with all of the tools. Go as far as you can go and then again at the foundational piece. Lift heavy weights, meet your protein needs, and manage your stress.”

In This Episode

  1. Understanding transitions in perimenopause and menopause
  2. Working on balancing hormones with supplements
  3. Stress and its effect on the body, especially during menopause 
  4. Navigating menopause while handling external factors and family 
  5. Strength training for metabolic health and optimal results  
  6. Sleep, diet, and lifestyle tips for a healthy menopause transition 
  7. Knowing when pharmaceutical intervention can be helpful 
  8. Prioritizing ourselves, our health, and our needs as women

Resources Mentioned

Dr. Tyna’s FREE Assess Your Metabolic Health Guide

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Dr. Tyna’s Website   |   Dr. Tyna’s Instagram

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