#561: The Best Non-Surgical Remedies for Looking Younger Skin with Dr. Anthony Youn

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Who isn’t on the quest for younger-looking skin? 

Today, women are spending way too much time and money searching for what skin-care treatments work best.

Dr. Anthony Youn is a top plastic surgeon and a leader in the field of holistic skin care. And he’s on my podcast today to teach us ways to turn back our clocks so we can look 10 years younger holistically!

Dr. Youn discusses how balancing your hormones, managing your blood sugar, and staying active… combined with the right supplements and the right skin care will make all the difference in how your skin ages. 

So listen to this podcast for all you need to know about naturally cultivating younger-looking skin. With Dr. Youn’s tips, you’ll feel more energized and healthy while seeing your skin look better, too! 

Dr. Anthony Youn

Dr. Anthony Youn is a nationally recognized, board-certified plastic surgeon. Known as a leader in his field, he’s the author of several best-selling books, and his new book, “Younger for Life” is a complete holistic guide to turning back the clock using Autojuvenation®.

His television special, The Age Fix with Dr. Anthony Youn, has been viewed by millions, and he also hosts the popular podcast The Holistic Plastic Surgery Show. 


  1. Dr. Youn’s Tips for how to look 10 years younger holistically
  2. Diving into the concept of Autojuvenation®
  3. When the best time is to be proactive about your skin 
  4. Diet recommendations for healthy and youthful skin 
  5. Top 5 causes of aging on our skin
  6. How intermittent fasting causes us to age more slowly
  7. A simple skincare routine to get healthy, younger-looking skin
  8. Recommended supplements for more youthful skin
  9. Top in-office skincare treatments popular today
  10.  All about Dr. Youn’s new book, Younger for Life!


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